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Found 1 result

  1. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    CCP has announced that they have changes upcoming to the Machariel. The one that we care about is that the slot layout will be different; the ship is losing a low slot and gaining a mid. WTM will respond to this change in the simplest way possible. Y'all are going to drop a tracking enhancer, and add a tracking computer. Tracking comps have to be T2 or better. Just to make it entertaining, the storyline "Marketeer" tracking comp is equivalent to T2, and is thus acceptable. Capable Mach pilots will use this opportunity to bring tracking and range scripts, and switch between them as appropriate. CCP has not announced a date for this patch, so you might as well get your computer and scripts now and start carrying them around. If we're in Egmur or something on patch day, and you have to fly all the way back to civilization for a module, you will be Sad. Edit: We have a date now, March 20th, next Tuesday! You know what you're doing, Mach guys, make sure you do it.