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  1. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Let's see, most of Paradox's catalogue (Ck2, EU4, HoI4, Stellaris, Imperator), Civ 6, Divinity Original Sin 2, C&C, AoE 2, and Satisfactory.
  2. What can we expect?

    Looks like T2 is going up to the suspected 32.5 then getting nerfed by 20%. I think that's due to the incoming shield tiericide for hardeners? If so then the starter battleships will come out a little better than I expected after the nerf. The bling battleships and the optimal logi ships up above will take the same hit though.
  3. What can we expect?

    That would certainly match a Pith A nerfed by 20%. Sounds like that part of the Surgical Strike update has made it. What about the other invulns?
  4. What can we expect?

    Crunching some numbers, what we'll see is ships with weaker modules like T2 invulns will notice less of a difference than ships with stronger modules like Pith A invulns. This is all relative increase of damage taken (how much MORE damage you will see incoming after April 15th vs now assuming same loadout used). For example the starting Hyperion will see an increase of 27.16% EM damage taken, 11.48% Thermal damage taken, and 16.23% more Kinetic/Explosive damage taken. If we say Sansha does all damage equally (pretty sure they don't though) then the alpha Hyperion will see an average of 17.78% more damage taken after April 15th. Contrast this with an optimal bling battleships (2x Pith A, T1 EM rig, faction DC), they are actually is going to take 33.86% more damage across the board. With the way stacking penalties work, the rig and the shield boosts are going to contribute the same before and after April 15h on those kind of battleships. Damage controls are not stacking penalized and nor will they be affected in the update so they can be left out of the relative change in damage taken. Post April 15 bling battleships will have a resistance profile that looks like 71.82 / 74.59 / 80.95 / 84.12 vs the current 78.93 / 81.01 / 85.75 / 88.13 Starter battleships will have a resistance profile like 62.42 / 68.57 / 72.31 / 76.92 vs the current 70.45 / 71.81 / 76.17 / 80.15. One consequence is we'll see the difference between starter ship damage taken and bling battleship damage taken shrink from 40-67% more damage taken to 24%-45% more damage taken. The entry basilisk will see an increase of 22.12% more EM dmg and 7.05% everything else vs the optimal basilisk's 29.14% more EM dmg and 13.68% everything else (32.45% more EM and 17.66% everything else with Pith A instead of a C). Entry scimitar will take 16.23% more damage and the optimal scimi will take 13.68% more damage (17.66% more with Pith A instead of a C). Now all the T1 and Faction battleships are getting a 10% HP increase that will help logi catch them, this is still a very significant increase of damage taken per second. Without knowing where the 10% HP is going to be applied, it's hard to say what the new shield EHP of our fleets is going to look like. But looking at rough approximations and assuming base shield HP is increased by 10% (the best possible outcome for us), looks like any ship that now has over 50% resistance is going to lose EHP and any ship under 50% resistance is going to gain EHP. Potentially anywhere from 6% to 18% shield EHP loss depending on damage type and battleship. If CCP decides to divide the 10% HP increase over shields/armor/hull, then the shield EHP loss is worse. However, since our armor and hull resist profile shouldn't be changing with the modules we fit, having more of the 10% HP increase go to armor and hull over shields should mitigate the overall EHP loss.
  5. Newbro's Request

    Is his battleship joining fleet and he's salvaging afterwards? Duel boxxing account? If so, could he have the MTU in the battleship that's running sites and drop it during site to tractor in wrecks? Would work better on a sniper for sure I think.
  6. New recruits thoughts...

    I love seeing some new players getting involved and active with the community, welcome! There's a lot of good resources here on the forum to help you really push the limit on your ship and piloting. And if you have any questions there are some AMAZING Vindi pilots here like Niki and Victor Victor here, or just any questions about incursions and WTM in general. Look forward to having you in fleets! o7
  7. Any Paradox Games players here?

    Well focus is down. Hit me up if you guys want to start a game or something.
  8. Any Paradox Games players here?

    As in haven't had the money to pick up MegaCorp yet? Did you know that when you play Multi Player on a Paradox game you get access to all the host's DLCs? Not having a DLC is no problem in Paradox MP, bless the devs lol. I haven't played with Star Mods yet, but there's been a huge Star Wars Mod Overhaul I've been keeping an eye on, Star Wars Fallen Republic. Done by the same guys who did the Star Trek: New Horizons overhaul I think. Well their in the same Discord as the ST:NH guys. Teasers for it look amazing! But they seem to have trouble keeping up with Paradox's overhauls of core game systems themselves lol.
  9. Any Paradox Games players here?

    @Ticina I havent played MP EU4 in a long time but been look forward to it! Last game of EU4 I played was over winter and got my Big Blue Blob and Better than Napolean achievements. @Ergon Theres a 1v1 mod? How does that even work? I havent really done a MP Hoi4. I am afraid youd probably find a bigger challenge in the AI lol. @Teirpa Gawa MuutarasStellaris is def one of my favorites, vanilla or modded! They just came out with the Lithoid species pack I need to try. If you guys want to pick up a game my Steam profile is Tucker (has a turtle avatar).
  10. Drone damage research

    Hey, Charr Coal. Interesting post! Could you share your experimental methods? I've been flying a Vindi and currently have 5 'Augmented' Ogres, but am curious how they stack up against 2x Geckos + 2x 'Augmented' Hammerheads + 1x 'Augmented' Hobgoblin.
  11. Any Paradox Games players here?

    Curious if anyone in WTM played Paradox Interactive's grand strategy games. I have Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, and Stellaris, as well as almost all the DLC for the games. Would love to get some friendly MP going if anyone is down. Also have both Civilization V and VI if anyone is interested. Hit me up on here, in game, or slack if you're interested.
  12. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    Really? 5 Heavy web drones don't do anything as DDD? Hmmm, I see two situations then: 1) They're close enough to get double webbed and you blap them. 2) They're too far to be double webbed, but at that range the transversal is low enough that you blap them. What about as HHH? Those dang Romis are soo fast lol. Could the HHH load a set of heavy webbing drones to web the Romi down at range and then all the heavies can pile on?