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Den Talidar

Fantastic Frivolity & Frolicking

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Be aware and amazed for another installment of FFF is comin your way.  

April 1st, 2023 shall be the next date for FUN.

Gonna shake up the thought patterns this time and spin a tale of daring deeds by destroyers and above...bring your talwars, coercers, catas and drakes, your widows, vagas and assorted crates. The only ship untouched by this cavalcade of canivores is the Logistics, these ship are restricted to the 3 we accept, fit correctly.

No SRP is afforded to anything not upon the website...why? Because some of yall are goofball wingnuts.

We shall see who shall be the recipient of the cash prize of survival at the end...if you dare...😈

The focus at the time will be the place, April First the date. The time, hmm, lets see.


Yours eternally;



P.S. - this is not a ruse. No trick no spammy. Anything else would be uncanny...

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