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  1. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    Its a case of unfortunately people *still* have their safeties not set to green, and its those people that it may cause a problem for. If we could guarantee that absolutely everyone listened to that rule, then I'd be more inclined to think yeah, sure, why not. But I don't think its a good idea while that's still happening.
  2. Scout Incursions

    We are very new to incursion, and new to/returning after a long hiatus pilots- we go through our 'Rookie Guide' with you, and brush you up on what happens, and how we run our fleets. We get onto TeamSpeak3, and its fun when you've got friends to fly with. Try us out, its great isk and our comms are social and fun. <3
  3. Commanders of the Year

    Hey Charlemagne- I got second place- I'm more than happy with that Thankyou for your votes, and your efforts to make my fleets fun. You're appreciated. I wouldn't have gotten a prize at all if it wasn't for my awesome regulars who enjoy my fleets. <3
  4. Commanders of the Year

  5. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Been playing since '09, my then boyfriend (now my husband <3) Got me hooked, and we've played together ever since. Found incursions about a year and a half ago after a Corpmate suggested we try it out- and we've been hooked ever since. Ran with WTM first, Rykki was one of the first FC's I flew with, and I was so impressed and thrilled to find women FC's with WTM, and Rykki's fleets were always awesome and lots of fun. We also ran with another community a few times, but they were just toxic and we preferred to fly with WTM. I joined the T-badge program after being encouraged to by Anami and a couple of others, and here I am (Husband is here too, he's becoming part of the logi team