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  1. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    I'm a bit late, but why do I fly with WTM? I heard about incursions a long time back, but I guess I joined the wrong community because I hated the grind of them. I recently came back after a long break because I head of the Alpha clone thing. After playing about a day as an Alpha, I upgraded my account, spent all my remaining isk on a Vindicator (breaking the #1 rule in Eve) and flew it out to the WTM focus at that time. Admittedly, I went off to other groups in search of more isk/hr and until I realized, it was terrible. The FCs were rude and obnoxious to people, the community was toxic, the comms were dead silent, there we no fun at all. After a while, I considered leaving incursions, to follow other activities like missions or industry, but then I remembered about WTM. I quickly brought by Vindi down to a new WTM focus and began running sites again. The change was like night and day, as always, our FCs are fun and pleasant, our community is interactive and interesting, and the comms keep me coming back day after day. I have even found myself a role that I love, VVV (Web Commander). Hope to see you guys in fleet!