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    If I can make some cash while having fun, what more can I ask right? Also, as the income gets going, I don't have a problem upgrading to pursue the optimal fit. Also, I may have to do some listening before I tell any jokes. Some of the things I laugh at gets some to ask what is wrong with me. Others think I am going straight to hell.
  2. Returning Player

    I stopped playing in 2012 and now I'm back looking for some hot incursion action. I've been reviewing your rules and fits. 10 days and I can sit in your minimum Nightmare fit with required skills at at least 4 and some 5. I wanted to ask if this is acceptable? I'd love to participate with you guys and not be a drag on the fleet. I used to fly a Tengu in incursions when they were new. Upon returning, I find there are a number of reason why the Tengu is no longer accepted. Once my skills reach the level necessary, I should be able to afford my Nightmare and hopefully join up with you guys. Solimanius/Mike