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  1. Proactive Cap Transfer

    Yeah, didn't say it as a bad thing, just that they will often be the ones asking for it anyways. Nice to know the specifics of why anyways, makes sense.
  2. Proactive Cap Transfer

    I just downtime cap the two ddd's, takes one worry of em and they seem to be almost always Vindis with cap issues anyways.
  3. Dropping off the 3x3 copper tags for both Gallente and Minmatar fixed it, yey. New try tomorrow for fleet action.
  4. Bugger, need to rep my Gallente standing above -5
  5. Well, in the waitlist, so lets see if can get some action tonight.
  6. Ooooh, ok so literally Targeting, as in locking, not targeting as in hates your guts? Alright that makes more sense. So, it will just go from red to nothing when they switch off you? Having played only solo so not accustomed to NPC's having multiple targets.
  7. Put some buy orders for my first basi and one skill booster, will have some leftovers after the logi skill, currently I have cap saving stuff (the emission ones) lined up as well as shield max. I reckon those are the next most important ones. Most of the big ones for generic stuff are already 4 or 5 from earlier. Is the stim used always? I've never really used them before at all, so my biology is just lvl3. Looks like the drawback is nonconsequential so no need for the other skills for stims it seems. My only real question regarding gameplay at the moment that I have noticed I don't understand fully is the yellow blinking for aggro switch. It almost reads like the yellow blinking only means change in aggro, not specifically change TO YOU aggro? So it blinks yellow when it changes TO YOU, but also blinks yellow when it changes OFF you? Not sure about that one. I feel that part of the guides could be a little clearer, or I just misread something.
  8. Is all good, have about 1.6bil on hand so depending on my activity can get the basi and a week or two off the train. Apparently there is no barebones fits viable at the moment for the Basis, but with the insurance system if poop happens at least it won't be much more than shame.
  9. Yea no worries, as haven't played those ships before am not sure how strongly it effects the builds. Simming the fit I see what you mean, at lvl4 the cap is just nowhere near anything sensible. Well, quicker for me to train my logi5 than get to Min cruiser 5 as I have been Caldari/Mordu ships only. Reckon I will play some solo frigate Abyssals in the mean time.
  10. Hi all, I have played mostly solo so far, pushing the limits in the small ship categories (including lvl4 combat missions on a Hawk yes, it was slow at times ...), and eventually cruisers and so forth. I started training my logi skills up, so I could join up with a Basilisk (I am Caldari oriented). I was curious, during offpeak hours, are the skill requirements hard set? Will still take me like 3 weeks to get my logi cruiser skill to 5, and as I got greedy I managed to blow my 2bil mission runner up so the ISK gain for buying injectors kinda dried up. Not to mention I think I burned my interest in doing lvl4s for the time being as well... I am always 100% focused when I game, and usually pull past my weight in hard stats due to focus and efficiency in player skills, and as I live in Australia I will probably usually be playing in the off-peak hours anyways. So just wondering if a suboptimal Basilisk would be allowed in as newbro logi during those hours? Cheers mates