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  1. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    I'm a huge fan of the Navy Scorp and everything it can do in solo PvE, however it would be an absolute struggle bus to make it work well for incursion fleets* In fleets with large amounts of people missiles have a huge disadvantage as a nightmare or vindicator would likely nuke the target before your volley even got there. So in things like WH space, Lv 4 missions, or even DED 8/10-10/10 the Navy Scorp can be a monster, but all of those factors that contribute to it being great in those scenarios pretty much make it obsolete within our gun fleets. If you have Caldari battleship skills and it looks like the optimal hulls are way different than your current skill-path then you can certainly fit a Rokh/Raven Navy Issue/Golem (they aren't exactly optimal at all, and tbh I think the cruise-fit golem would create a situation just like the Navy Scorp only with a larger price tag so I'm kind of shocked that fit is even in there*). However those hulls and fits being on our website are useable for up to 30 hours in fleet. If you have Caldari Battleship skills, training into the Nightmare is already partially completed so it would be a good way for you to pivot towards that. In general though since we use pirate battleships training into it enough to fly the entry-level fits doesn't take very long at all, and the 30 hours in fleet that you could run with those other hulls @ an average of 150mil/hr is 4.5billion isk (more than enough to buy and fit 3 entry level pirate battleships). If you have the Caldari cruiser skills it's also not a bad idea to see how far you are from being able to fit up an acceptable basilisk and have more than 1 way to get into the fleet and keep yourself from waiting too long. Honorary mention that after you are in a pirate battleship you have up to 90 in fleet hours to be able to use T2 guns with it* with the amount of fleet time you get for that requirement you could probably LSI your account into perfect skills with it* so as long as you keep trying to improve the standards are extremely easy to meet.