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  1. The best Christmas movie ever

    I mean national lampoon's Christmas vacation clearly fits the category.
  2. The best Christmas movie ever

  3. WTM Upgrade freebie program

    Love this idea, Am willing to throw some spare mods at this. Perhaps a buy back program, as in when you upgrade from newbro/Alpha fits you can sell back to the newbro freebie program in order to perpetuate the program... Additional qualifiers. 1 not for alts. 2. For newbro who is performing well in fleet. No point upgrading of the upgrade goes to waste.
  4. Nightmare Newbro Assistance

    So you wanna fly a Nightmare with Warp To Me Incursions ? being a recent Newbro myself, this comes from a fairly fresh perspective. As such i'll add the disclaimer at the start. DISCLAIMER I am a newbro, and still consider myself as such, I've flown 2 full incursions from Focus up till MoM pop, pretty much every day as many hours as i could sink into it. COVID 19 being what it is and lockdown where i am , that was a more than a few hours. In 2 focus' I have made on the better part of around 4 Billion ISK ( and spent 3 Billion on upgrades, ammo, plex, skills, etc. to attempt to make myself as useful to the fleet as i can, ) At one point we were making 37 mill isk / 7 mins. (you do the math .... ) What you find here is only either tips that i have found that work for me and should be applied only if you find (like me) you are now well out of your depth. either having never flown in a fleet before or only flown in some other level of incursion, let me say HQ Sites are a whole other ballgame. This is _NOT_ a guide, in saying that i hope that this may help some newbro Nightmare Pilot, maybe find just something to be better, survive that second longer, do just that touch more damage. End of Disclaimer The general Newbro speech is good, and all of that should be taken onboard, Absolutely. Always take what the Fleet Commander (FC) says as Gospel, remember if you die because you didn't do what the FC said to do you are NOT covered by SRP. There are some things that are specific to Nightmares that I didn't know / Wasn't told / Had to figure out / Differ from the general Rookie Guide. Capacitor. Nightmare Capacitor Chain - Join the Fleet Nightmare Channel and announce weather you are Beam or Pulse - This will determine your cap chain / anchor buddy. Don't start to the cap transfer until you have anchored up - you will burn your cap and be calling for it and you probably won't get it as there are other people who will need it more than you (Particularly through the TTPH gates refer to the Anchoring Guide, however whilst on the burn to the gate if you need cap, and you will to stay above your 25% do use your broadcast you will get cap if there is a spare link) no cap = no Shields, do not let this happen, EVER . period. As per the Rookie Guide You should broadcast for Capacitor if your capacitor falls below 30% or targeted by Outuni Mesens. We set an alarm for this earlier Do not broadcast for capacitor if there are Outunis on the field and you do not have aggro. The person who has aggro needs it far more than you, due to dangerous Outuni neutralizers. If you have or there is Outuni ( They appear in the TCRC ) on the field try; MAKE SURE YOUR MWD IS OFF !! more cap is eaten by a MWD on while anchored than even your guns on overheat. stop your cap transfer (if going) for a cycle every other cycle to try to catch up on cap. (FC will probably not approve of this one) Stop firing for a cycle , hey you broadcast for cap, you don't have it , they may call it sandbagging but if it is a safety issue explain your situation i'm sure they will say something along the lines of "well i'm gonna check for your broadcast ... oh you did , logi why does NM pilot not have cap ?" and things will move on . Burning The act of turning on your MWD and moving . while in a site it's not often you have to move, usually between gates in a TPPH or getting to your anchor after taking out your initial target or two. align, get moving _THEN_ turn on your MWD. those first few seconds if done the other way is wasted cap, 1/2 - 1 cycle will go by before you are up to speed anyway, just get moving then hit the gas. adjust course when you get moving to position better at your anchor. check range, when you get to 25 - 20 km's out from your anchor turn off the MWD, you will still be moving and can slowboat the final few km's , try not to knock the anchor, if you knock the anchor he will bump and his guns will have to track , that lowers overall dps, best to not aim for your anchor but to orbit at say 5 km, then as you are coasting after turning off your MWD you can stop ( ctrl + space ) your ship and you will be at a comfortable distance to start cap transfer. Sandbagging Sandbagging is the term used for slowing the fleet down, there are many ways this can happen, first and foremost not applying maximum damage possible at all times guns blazing optimal range best ammo for that range on your assigned targets, drones out and assigned at all times as appropriate. if one of your crystals break reload another crystal type and reload again back to your preferred crystal (stupid auto reload for grouped guns seems broken for crystals) if you are doing this, then you are not sandbagging. If you are not , then you are dragging the efficiency of the fleet down, this slows down the rate of sites, slows down the payouts, and why would you not want to make isk as quick as possible ? Beam Nightmare That's pretty much it, anchor on your AAA and assign drones to your drone bunny and pew pew. switch from faction Multi frequency to gleam as range allows and happy days. shoot your targets (focus fire as per the tags) Beam Nightmares do great Alpha Strike damage (Full Turret Burst) and the best range, but fire slower making DPS overall a little lower overall, However, you can kill ships before the Vindi's can burn over there and melt their faces, so to save time and effort shoot the long range stuff and feel good that you are doing your part. Pulse Nightmare Even Pulse Nightmares are Snipers, so be prepared, change scripts to 2 or 3 Optimal and 1 or 0 Tracking before you take a Gate ( at a gate I usually run 3 x optimal ) Change to Scorch Maximize your range as the Sniper targets are often 70 - 80 km out. Pulse don't have the same range of course, ( but much better than a Vindicator with their max range at around 30km ) so when Fleet Commander calls out "Snipers sit still and shoot X", you sit still and shoot X till X is dead then burn to your anchor (read Anchor as Cap Buddy as often Pulse Nightmares are not on AAA as our range is shorter, but are also not on VVV remember you are still a Sniper), often you will be a little further out than the Leshak's. Change script's and ammo to suit. Usually there's only 1 or 2 targets to take out before you can move, remember your a big bad battleship, your guns cannot track not well enough to hit a moving frigate 50km while you yourself are moving at 1 km/s to take out before you should turn on your MWD and move ( Burn ) to your Anchor position. While you are moving feel free to turn off 1 - 2 of your trackers and switch to Tracking Scripts (REMEMBER to TURN THEM ON AGAIN !), shoot tagged targets of opportunity in range along the way, Switch to Conflagration as soon as you can and start to pew pew targets as you finish your maneuver. (as you are moving with MWD you get closer to your targets, arguably you would do more damage by switching to Conflag asap, conserve cap, stay on scorch till after the tracking comps have changed script by the time you are at your Anchor (Particularity for the TPPH) you may be starting to run pretty low on cap, Establish your Cap Chain ASAP. I tend to cycle one to confirm cap transfer, and turn the other on as soon as i see i am receiving cap in return, then just keep both running, you shouldn't have to worry about cap ( unless you get Neutralized but by then you would have broadcasted for shield and cap anyway. I Hope ! ) As far as targets go, Yes you are a Sniper, Shoot the Letters A - U, however often you will find that more opportune targets will present themselves 1 - 9, if anchored right they will be optimal, Use your Judgement prioritize the Letters they are your assigned targets, the Vindi's have more DPS and are at closer range, the Leshaks kinda do their own thing, but if you hear Spooling on {insert target tag here} that means they are building their damage on that target, for sake of fleet efficiency, let them, go pew pew another target, they do the most damage after a few cycles, if you "help" them you are sacrificing their damage build up for a quick kill, now clearly this is situational, generally if everyone is doing their thing and it's all going according to plan, then the site should run smooth, else if things go sideways , for sure focus fire clear as much damage from the board, wipe targets off , over heat your guns ( not too much ) , but this is not usually the case, more often than not the logistics ships have the situation under control, damage is flowing. and if all goes according to plan you should be shooting numbers before the DPS are shooting Letters ( GO TEAM Sniper ! ) After all that, I could be wrong ( probably am on more than one point , I'm sure i'll be corrected, and if i am then we all get to learn a better way to do things) I just thought i'd try and do my part to cover what I feel I missed in my early introduction, Fly Safe And Welcome to Warp To Me ! ok feel free to rip this apart and point out the glaring errors of my ways Ruis Elderstar
  5. WTM Upgrade Policy

    What is the policy and what does this mean for me? WTM Incursions welcomes new pilots to come try out incursions with us, and we have provided several affordable options for entry-level battleships that let you get into fleet without breaking the bank. However, over time we ask that you invest in making yourself and the fleet more effective, which includes getting set up in a ship that is well-suited for incursion running. Our list of Optimal ships includes Vindicator Nightmare Leshak Logi If you aren’t flying an optimal hull yet, then we ask that you upgrade to an optimal hull with a proper fit (which can be found on our fitting website) within 30 in-fleet hours. Based on average fleet earnings, this should give you more than enough income to fit up a ship as well as helping towards covering your monthly Plex costs. After upgrading into an optimal hull, we ask that you begin training into Tech 2 guns for your preferred ship type. You will have 4 months of time frame or 90 in-fleet hours. Based on average fleet earnings this should give you enough time to train the skills naturally or earn enough to purchase skill injectors. If you are already flying an optimal fit, Thank You! We recommend that you continue to upgrade your ship with better damage mods, tank mods, and implants. Feel free to ask questions in WTM Incursions on how to Improve your value to the fleet (and yourself) ! Why: We want to run incursion fleets the best we can and in order to that requires investment from you! Many veterans have already invested in themselves and in fleet without this policy, however, some pilots have decided that sandbagging is okay. It’s not! For this reason upgrading is a requirement. This all sounds great but... I ___ (been busy) and haven't upgraded yet, can I still join fleet? Yes! You can still x-up with any ship that meets our fitting requirements. However, out of fairness the FC may skip over you if there is limited space in fleet and others waiting in line who are following the policy. We understand that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns so please speak to a member of Command Core if you feel that you have exceptional circumstances. Thanks for improving yourself, improving fleet, and for flying with us! See you in fleet! (Original Post by Blobert)
  6. 2020.09.12 00:13:26    Combat    10409 to True Power Mobile Headquarters - Mega Pulse Laser II - Smashes