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  1. Thank you to all the medical field workers

    My wife works in health care (supporting the nurses and doctors). She and her colleagues are doing amazing work. Be nice to any medico (or health worker) you meet - your life may well depend on it. Great initiative from WTM to give them a free month. I'll happily donate ISK to the cause if I can.
  2. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Drones 5 is required to field 5 drones (duh). Additional drone skills mean additional speed/dps/tank for the drones. They're your drones, so your skills determine their outputs. Is this because some of the medium drone skills or race drone skills have light drone skills as a pre-requisite? I can't comment specifically on Maelstrom fits, but I know on a VG-fleet Vindi I carry light drones (Navy Acolytes)...