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  1. In order to complete the TCRC, a CONCORD MTAC must be moved from the CONCORD Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Since the CONCORD MTAC is too large to fit in a battleship cargo hold, this is accomplished by creating a jetcan by jettisoning any item (such as a piece of ammunition), putting the MTAC into the can and ferrying it to the control tower using a tractor beam. This process is then repeated until the tower explodes. FC calls the fleet into site, you take the gate as normal. Align your ship towards the MTAC Factory. Once your ship is perfectly pointing in the correct direction, activate the MJD. You land close to the MTAC Factory. If you didn't, burn there with MWD. Jettison one ammo, lock up the can, and activate the tractor beam on it. Do not shoot your can. Drag the MTAC from the factory to the can. Approach Shield Transfer Control Tower, activating MWD for one cycle. Open the cargo window of the tower. Drag the MTAC from the can into the tower. Manually assign drones to the tower and shoot the tower-being careful not to shoot your can. Burn back to the MTAC Factory. Wait for the next MTAC to spawn, then repeat. Keep doing it until the site is over. When the tower explodes, you are free to start warping off.