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  1. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    I just realized 2 things which i have problems with. 1: couse of my english speaking skills i really feel uncomfy on the rare times i use voice couse i feel weird speaking english , so i evade it if possible atm (ET 21 means 10 p.m. at me, until than i could speak, after that to prevent wife aggro i am silent anyway :D) 2: my site names are in german... so tcac etc are way different named so i always get confused .... also i am really sorry, i spend now a good couple of hours, and i still get confused with the sites in preparation for beein some day a vvv, i already tryed a few times to get to the right positions without looking at our vvv... well... i am just too uncoordinated... works better with my car... T_T always was way more off than i thought but as long the fc isnt notice it or i burn back in time i will try from time to time And once again, sure i am really happy to make some nice isk which i invested nearly complete in my vindi <3 But its always fun with you all, even if i have trouble to keep it up always or just guessing what you are talking... Thanks for flying with me
  2. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    lol i dont think so. but thanks
  3. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    thats a good point ^^. well sure i will try that too. Just thought about if the fleet got 20 dps on wait list and is missing sniper.. or logi in fleet and not one in waitlist. for that kind of cases. just did check it.. no matter if machariel, nightmare or Basilisk... nearly exactly 26 days for each ship (couse i lack the t2 weapons on the snipers and the caldari cruiser/logi skill) but your right, maybe its better to became better first at what i already do, than trying to fill possible gaps in roles i never tryed so far T_T
  4. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Couse we got time atm, i did read and think a bit. Now i got a vindi and i like it, - like my Megathron when i did start playing eve (yes... i could barley afford it, could barley sit in it but it was my first BB in Eve and i loved it too even missions in it was horror! ) But maybe it would be a good idea just for the variety, maybe some other stuff would be nice to start with... but... no idea what.. xD. In many mmorpgs i did play the Healer or Tank... maybe sounds crazy but the Hyperion and now Vindi were the first dps "jobs" i played so far in a mmo xD. So i did think about trying logi... ok would take some time to get the missing skills... so i did think more.... me makeing a mistake and a few billions explode.... naaaah... dont think so... i already can feel the pressure.... (thumbs up from me for every logi <3 ) Mh.. ok whats left than? Sniper ships... mh... Machariel i did hear often.. was a really famous ship as i remember.... or the Nightmare.... well.. never flyed any Laser ship... so far nearly only Gallente... mh... dang i running in circles and still dont know what would be a good idea or worth a try.. so i wrote this, what are your thoughts for a Beginner in Incursions to vary his abilitys and switch to different things if needed? And just so you know it, in my early years i made mining only for long time, than expanding to some inventing, production and tradeing which was fine by me. L4 missions i didnt touch really until the last months... so my experience with fighting is... shameful no matter if pve or pvp... so.. i have really no clue what would be a good idea. What would be a good idea to help the fleet as a beginner? -Hope i could translate my thoughts in a understandable matter :3
  5. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Thanks for the warm welcome Ahh, VVV, think you where the guy who poked me when i got a bit confused couse my drone bunny did dissapear and i took a bit to sort things out and forgot my blasters a sec xD. I started 2 days ago and was completly broken and started in a Hyperion. did get me today a Vindi, so i am sure it will get better i am a native Gallente, so my skills there are at least ok (T2 weapons and at least avarage skills so far. most on 4 some on 5). But tbh, i never skilled anything at minmatar... not even frigs... so i did race it up but that part of vindi skills are... poor. For now it will work i think was in a fleet for a little bit today with my new vindi and i cant complain (i got now the vindi intermed. fit). ATM i just follow my vvv all the time couse i am always afraid to mess it up atm xD. so i panic a little bit if vvv isnt on grid. i did start reading The Short Range DPS Pilot and the Anchoring Giude and try to learn it, but i am a slow learner... so could take a bit to get comfy and not only rely on the guy i follow xD. But i give my best to contribute the best i can for the fleet o7
  6. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Hi, just found my way into Incursions with you guys and did want to say hi and Introduce myself a bit. (hope thats the right area for that :3 ) My IG Name is Nemrod Dreamwalker, named Michael in rl. Im 35 Years old and from germany. I Play Eve since 2012 but with a lot of breaks. Last break took 1 1/2 years and i reentered around christmas. My english is... mh.. how to describe it....MEH.... I mean.. i can write and read it, but i have issues speaking it or understand it when someone speak it (especially those fcs who speak like 200 words/minute) but i try to learn it :D. Didnt speak or listened to english for the last 18 years, so sorry if i missunderstand or miss something, but i always give my best. Thanks so far for my first 3 Incursion fleets in eve, fly safe all, have a nice day and see you in fleet