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  1. Giving SRP Funds to Logi?

    Currently 20% of sites I run, I have to remind logi to lock up shield broadcasts, we have an influx of newbro logi pilots, wheras this is not 100% a bad thing, I think if this went through, you would have more newbro pilots, going straight into logi, not knowing a thing about it, which may infact cause safety issues, I agree with carlos 100%, this is not a proposal I can agree with..
  2. Forced into roles

    As an FC that seems to have a problem with people actually x-ing up for roles, I am put in a position where I constantly have to assign roles to people, and I have 3 things to say about this, 1) If you are assigned a role and do not want to do it, as @Malcolm Galora said, I would deem it as failure to follow fc commands, 2) We assign roles to get people to learn roles, so they are more likely to x-up in future for that role. 3) You were not `targeted` my guess is most fc's that was met with a no when asking someone to take a role, would remove that person from the fleet. As a little side note, when picking roles, I will primary go for people I see in fleet alot, and not taking roles. Most people when picking roles, will look at the fleet composition, sort by ship type, pick one of the ship type needed, and that will be his choice, its completly random I know I am only a trainee fc, but as I said, I have problems getting people to x-up for roles most of my fleets.