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  1. New recruits thoughts...

    Well one thing I'm struggling with is keeping up with my anchor. I keep at 5000. But if I turn off my mwd too late I bump into them. How do you deal with that?
  2. New recruits thoughts...

    I took aggro today. First time in an Incursion fleet. I think it took me 2½ second to broadcast for shields. It felt kind of late. Next time I'll get it down to 1½ seconds. TL;DR; I spent my first 3-4 months in armor fleets. Shields? It's a tiny buffer, right? I don't like dying. Will do all I can to avoid it. I love my Vindicator way too much to see it turn into a wreck.
  3. New recruits thoughts...

    Hello WarpToMe community, Wow. Just WOW! Rarely do I stumble across such a welcoming community. Between Anchors, Logi and FC - Holy crap, you really are dialed in to what you are doing. I signed up in June. I joined a player corp on day 2 and on day 3 I joined armor Triglavian Invasion fleet. I guess most of you know triglavians do not ask you to move around a whole lot. Warp in, maybe a second warp if it is a Minor Conduit, anchor on the Packrat, shoot everything until they are dead. I know I am struggling with keeping up with my anchor and shooting my targets but at the end of each day I know I am making progress. No one has said it but I know progress is good enough. I do not have to be an expert on everything Sansha Invasions on day 1. Tomorrow is day 3, I am already looking forward to it and I have all of you to thank for it. Warp To Me, you are simply awesome. Best regards, Sofia Bororiak Vindicator pilot