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  1. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    I am still considering it, and may change my opinion at some point.. Thanks for encouraging I don't believe in myself enough, so it helps
  2. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    I can't remember most of my story. I've been running missions and doing other stuff for quite long by then (I think it was 2012, maybe 2013 with me starting eve in feb 2011), and I think in HelpMyMission channel I asked about something else to do around here. Someone adviced me to look into incursions, and somehow I found WTM (though there was TVP and a couple others available as options), and decided to give it a try. After doing a basic refit of my mission maelstrom, I've had a lot of fun there and settled with machariel+scimitar combination some time later (also tried scorp navy, though people didn't like it. I did count my salvos, y'know... And another ship was a bhaalghorn in which I offered free cap to nearby vindis, + 45km web for the fleet. I believe I was useful but dps was just too low to try it again). I keep arguing about fittings and stuff to present day, but WTM is awesome regardless. Applied to T-badge at some point, but had some RL stuff while I got the reply and only came back a month or two later, and didn't reapply since then because... well, I don't think I can be a good voice FC. I can do tagging and stuff, but I wouldn't be able to speak much enough I mostly like flying as DDD/HHH (with my now vindicator) and try to avoid other roles to be open for that one. As a scimitar, I have nearly as much fun with links coordination, and I think I was among the first people to do that oO Which was a lot of fun either. You guys are awesome and I'm not leaving.