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  1. I'm glad my comment got some discussion going on this . After reading through the thread a lot of it makes sense to me and I definitely get where you all are coming from. Like I said my concern was just that it might be a bit chaotic. Last night for instance we had a NM who tractored the wrong can and flew off to the array. I luckily noticed the mistake and took the correct can to do a drop, but those are some of the risks, albeit minor risks in a non contest situation. I have to agree with Malcom on some of the newer nightmares being very confused, speaking from a relatively new MTAC's perspective. I've blown up my own can once and learned from that mistake, but I've also started tractoring a can only to realize it's the wrong can with no MTAC in it. Don't get me wrong: I like the fact that all nightmares are now MTAC in TCRC. From a new MTAC's perspective a little structure might go a long way in getting it a bit more streamlined, at least until folks are more comfortable with it, that was what I was trying to get across. I know MTAC is not rocket science, but it's VERY daunting if it's your first time doing it, doubly so during a contest, and even more so when you get bumped and you end up off course from the factory.
  2. The QoL changes with the new fits far out-weigh the requirement that all nightmares are MTAC. If I may make a suggestion: can the FCs perhaps just choose a primary MTAC and have the other Nightmares as a backup in case something goes wrong? The first time I joined with the new stuff and tried to MTAC I saw someone running the MTAC and as such I didn't also do it, and a couple of times when I tried to MTAC confusion reigned with multiple people trying to MTAC. That second instance may be ripe for a situation where an MTAC gets dropped late and the tower heals up. Just my 2c on this.