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  1. Banned from ingame channel

    Thank you very much! Fly safe o/
  2. Banned from ingame channel

    Hi, I'm returning to Eve Online, used to play a lot from 2015-2016. This probably isn't the best place for this, but anyway returning to the game, I was planning on starting to run incursions again since I used to do it a decent amount during that period but I am unable to join the in-game channel, assuming that I got banned. I don't know the reason that I would have been banned since I had been running with WtM as my main incursion group at that time and I have not played since I stopped in 2016. Character "Bryan Zumot" I would appreciate any help you could give me, even if it's just a reason for the ban since I am pretty sure I wasn't banned while I was still playing the game and can't think of a reason I would have been anyway.