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  1. Standard Praxis Fit?

    There is no sense to accept Praxis. With Blaster fit Hyperion doing 300 DPS more. With Arty fit Maelstrom doing 200 DPS more. Both of them are enought cheap to start your adventure with WTM Family.
  2. For me Torpedo RNI is useless like Torpedo Rattlesnake. Torpedo velocity is too low on them even with great application to do serious DPS I'm never focusing on paper stats, but they are good to show others basic difference between ships (People don't trust other people on the word or experience. They want that on paper!) I chooses Nightmare, because ArmaNI like Abaddon have poor turret tracking. It's so bad, that they have troubles with hit cruisers even, if they are webbed and painted. For that reason Abaddons were replaced by Apocalypses and Megathrons. I flied last time in Bhaalgorn who have similar problems. I heard that GSF planned to use Blaster Megathrons/Vindicators against capitals but Railguns were more flexible. Early prototypes of Bhaalgorns were anti BC,BS, Capitals with Pulse Lasers and webs, but we had problems with tracking against BC and CR. Testers changed webs one by one to tracking computers and added WebLokis for better effect. Against BC were "fine", but still we had problems with cruisers. First official doctrine test was a disaster xD. We lost so much Pulse Bhaalgorns to AC Machariels and 'Eagles (no one Eagle died against 400 Pulse Bhaalgorns), who were better in practice. After that battles we changed focus from Anti-subcapital to anti capital/structure with Tachyons. Vindicators should be better with Railguns, but Goons want to melt Bhaalgorns for economy and there is not enough Vindicators to resupply fleets Bhaalgorns ended as meatshield and structure bashers. For me Pulse/Tachyon Nightmare is better option with high base tracking like Autocannons or with TCs even better than Blasters. With that and pulse range medium and large ship's fleets aren't problem for them. Their Hammerheads should do similar job to long range sentries.
  3. 250mm Close range spammer is the best
  4. Incursion Leshak

    Good choice. Desintegrator range is like Pulse Laser. Blink Leshak with 760 Turret DPS, who can spool up to 1000 (880 real DPS in time) before average target die in 10-20 sec. It will be normally worse than Nightmare and little worse than Machariel, but on TCRC it should be the best ship in the fleet.
  5. Autocannon Machariel and Pulse Nightmare

    I used the best possible modules and implants to compare ships. Yep. Still it's a perfect situation, when our targets are under 10km. On that incursion i'm doing experiment and i'm orbiting VVV at 500m all the time, because it should be very experienced Vindicator pilot. From VVV point of view it's look bad: during movement from gate to gate most of targets are at 20-60km. Situations, when sansha battleships are closer than 10km - 1-2, maybe 3. during moving from wave to wave is better. There are many situations, when i'm under 10 or 15km. Still many VVVs have problem with positioning and i'm mostly shooting to targets at 15-25km or even above 30km, if they run away. At TCRC most of targets during rush are at 20-30km, but that haven't sens, when Vindi can do 2nd the biggest DPS on the tower. I'm observing Vindi pilots and i see that many of them using Void ammo above 15, or even 20km, where they are doing very low DPS. Probably this is laziness or they don't want to change ammo so often, but shooting many targets with 0-400 Turret DPS it's a huge loss of fleet DPS. Pulse Nightmare can be interesting option instead of Tachyon Nightmare, because: Pulses doing more DPS than Tachyons up to Scorch optimal (60km) against non-webbed cruisers and frigates. Pulses doing 200 DPS more against all targets up to 30km (effective Conflagration range) Pulse Nightmare have 2 Stasis Webifiers, who can help at close range. Pulse Nightmare can eliminate DPS and Sniper targets from VVV position. Pulses can be fitted in 2x X-type Nosferatu to be capacitor self efficient. Against battleships they are doing from 200 to 0 DPS less at 30-60km distance. Closer to 60km difference between Tachyons and Pulses is lower. Pulse Nightmare max effective range is 70km. Above that Scorches doing less than 50% DPS
  6. Last time, when i did some research to ArmaNI topic i found, that Pulse Nightmare and Autocannon Machariel turrets have advantage above 10km against Vindicator Blasters. As we know there is really hard to keep all targets under 10km, because we need perfect tactician VVV and positioning. Many times Vindicators need to shoots target above True Sansha Stasis Webifiers range, where efficiency of Null ammo drop under 50% (above 25km). I prepared some DPS pirate battleships and i compared them against webbed and non-webbed Sansha battleships and cruisers. There was no big difference between them instead of webbed and non-webbed targets at 0-10km. Drone DPS: Vindicator - 521 DPS Machariel - 345 DPS Nightmare - 216-286 DPS All of them have Damage Control, 4x MFS/GS/HS and DDA in rest of low slots. In medium slots 500mn MWD, 2x AIF, 2x SW and rest of TC. In high slots the best T2 Blasters, Autocannons and Pulse Lasers. The best possible implants and the best possible DPS drones. Rigs are Burst Aerator T2 and EM Screen T1. Vindicator - 4xMFS, 2xDDA, 2xSW Machariel - 4xGS, 1xDDA, 2xSW, 1xTC Nightamre - 4xHS, 1xDDA, 2xSW, 2xTC Target - Sansha BS - 520m, 115 m/s, 90 Target Angle. Target is non-webbed. Without webs DPS rising from 0 at 0km to maximum at 8km. With webs between 0 and 8 km DPS is always maximum. That means weebs only greatly increase DPS between 0-8km and allow us to longer shoot enemies at closer distance. Against non-webbed targets above 8km DPS is lower, but ship's positions do not change. Turrets DPS at 5km - non-webbed: Vindicator (Void) - ~1760 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~1280 DPS Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1220 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~1200 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~880 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~870 DPS Turrets DPS at 5km - webbed: Vindicator (Void) - ~1880 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~1450 DPS Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1440 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~1340 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~1040 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1030 DPS Turrets DPS at 10km: Vindicator (Void) - ~1410 DPS Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1380 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~1340 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~1320 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1000 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~1000 DPS Turrets DPS at 15km: Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1410 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~1320 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~1280 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1000 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~1000 DPS Vindicator (Void) - ~400 DPS Turrets DPS at 20km: Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1410 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~1170 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~1120 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1020 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~1000 DPS Vindicator (Void) - ~100 DPS Turrets DPS at 25km: Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1380 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1020 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~1000 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~960 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~820 DPS Vindicator (Void) - ~20 DPS Turrets DPS at 30km: Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~1180 DPS Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1020 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~920 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~820 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~540 DPS Vindicator (Void) - ~0 DPS Turrets DPS at 40km: Nightmare (Scorch) - ~1020 DPS Machariel (Barrage) - ~800 DPS Nightmare (Conflagration) - ~660 DPS Machariel (Hail) - ~540 DPS Vindicator (Null) - ~180 DPS Vindicator (Void) - ~0 DPS As you see Nightmare turrets are better against targets above 10km. Against targets above 20km even with the worst drones Nightmare Total DPS will be better than others. Machariel have advantage only between 10-20km with drones, but his speed can be useful to keep optimal distance between targets. Still Vindicator will be the best at range 0-10km and tower bash.
  7. I used on Barghest 2x Missile Range Scripts, because i have experience in blob fights and in making fits for corporations/alliances. People during monotony fights going to be lazy. If they can use 2x Range scripts and hit target to 40km or change ammo and scripts every 10 sec to adapt, then they choose that first option. Instead of Rage they can use Javelins, who are more accurate. Problem with Javelins is too low DPS to use them in fight on Barghest. Better DPS and much bigger range + missile velocity have Fury Cruise missiles. Fits must be as simple to use as possible as you want to use them if fleet. Because Rage Torpedoes have disadvantage vs unwebbed targets, Javelins haven't nice DPS, Fury cruise missiles haven't DPS too, so the Barghest looks very bad as DPS. With Cruise Missiles it can be average Sniper with 22-27km/s Fury Cruise Missiles and 1300 DPS.
  8. TD-606 MP-706 GP-806 TN-906 on Barghest and D5-10T on Rattlesnake RL-1006
  9. Vindicator is King under 20km Nightmare and Machariel looks better above 20km. Still they haven't webs to increase DPS under 20km to dethrone Vindicator. Rattlesnake looks very universal, but his DPS sources aren't instantly. His real damage dealt going down with increasing distance to the target. Bhaalgorn looks bad. Barghest is a shit
  10. I chooses the best, so 7%. That graphs showing the best possible fits as we can make with T2, Faction and Deadspace modules.
  11. All fits have added the best possible implants for HQ incursions.
  12. EDITED POST! And here you have Graphs 0-40 km of any Pirate battleships with High DPS Ammo and the best drones. Vindicator is with Void and Null. I skipped Leshak, because i can't show you his real DPS on graph. His practical DPS vs NPCs should be worse than Bhaalgorn line as the worst Battleship.vs Ideal Target: vs Sansha Battleship vs Sansha Cruiser As you see Neutron Blaster Cannon Vindicator dominate under 20 km. After him up to 40 km are 800mm Repeating Cannon Machariel, Mega Pulse Nightmare and Cruise Rattlesnake.Against webbed targets graphs look similar. By graphs Vindicator pilots should use Void ammo only against targets to 10 km. Above that range Null will be much better
  13. "And here you have Graphs 0-40 km of any Pirate battleships with High DPS Ammo and the best drones."
  14. Edit mistake. On the end of each spoiler is continuation!
  15. And here you have Graphs 0-40 km of any Pirate battleships with High DPS Ammo and the best drones. Vindicator is with Void and Null. I skipped Leshak, because i can't show you his real DPS on graph. His practical DPS vs NPCs should be worse than Bhaalgorn line as the worst Battleship. vs Ideal Target:
  16. WTF! Why i cant edit my posts after 1 min? It's annoyed! Turret DPS is similar or even worse vs battleships and webbed targets. Sry. It's always worse Turret DPS than Nightmare! Summary: The only one practical advantage of ArmaNI against Nightmare is bigger Total DPS on tower bashing by ~90
  17. For me Pulse and Tachyon Nightmare have bigger potential. I will show you difference between pulses and beams. Tachyons + 2x Optimal scripts and 1x Tracking script: Gleam - 12,8+42,2 range | 4,28 tracking speed| 1211 Turret DPS IN Multifrequency - 43,6+42,2 range | 3,42 tracking speed | 1193 Turret DPS IN Gamma - 54,5+42,2 range | 3,42 tracking | 1094 Turret DPS IN Xray - 65,4+42,2 range | 3,42 tracking | 994 Turret DPS IN Ultraviolet - 76,3+42,2 range | 3,42 tracking | 895 Turret DPS Mega Pulses + 3x Optimal scripts: Conflagration - 22,7+24,9 range | 4,3 tracking speed| 1409 Turret DPS IN Multifrequency - 22,7+24,9 range | 6,15 tracking speed| 1263 Turret DPS IN Gamma - 28,4+24,9 range | 6,15 tracking speed| 1158 Turret DPS IN Xray - 34,1+24,9 range | 6,15 tracking speed| 1052 Turret DPS Scorch - 63,6+24,9 range | 4,61 tracking speed| 1007 Turret DPS I compared them in Pyfa vs typical Incursion Sansha BS, CR and FF: Pulses have advantage under 33 km with Conflagration. Above 33 km Tachyons have better Turret DPS vs Towers, battleships and all webbed targets. Against non-webbed cruisers and frigates Scorch have advantage between 38-65 km. As you see. Even Pulses have some weakness above effective range of Conflagration ammo against Beams. Then i added the best possible Armageddon Navy Issue fit to Graph: Turret DPS is similar or even worse vs battleships and webbed targets. ArmaNI doing 40% lower Turret DPS against non-webbed cruisers and frigates. Drone DPS is 80% bigger but still it's extra ~150-200 DPS in slow moving and inaccurate drones.
  18. My option have less EHP, but more DPS. 1-2 Geckos and 1 Pith-C type or Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field should be nice improvement for standard fit. Fit cost still should be less than 1B. Heavy drone tracking speed increased by 42% Overall DPS* increased from 1452 to 1544 with Ogre II EHP Reduced from 127k to 115k with 2xAIF II EM resist reduced from 79,3% to 70% with 2xAIF II Thermal resist reduced from 77,7% to 71% with 2xAIF II Ogre II speed reduced from 2,67k to 2,46k *with Gecko it will be from 1430 to 1523 DPS
  19. Standard Rattlesnake - Alternative

    But its just for my fit. Later i talked about your fits with double invuls and EM amplifier I should write that... About Gecko and Faction TP i compared that to the cost of that T2 Drone Speed rig. Much more profits for the same cost. C-3A is currently very cheap and popular item on market. Rigs should be T1 EM/Thermal Screen and T2 Loading Bay Accelerator For me Hype and Rokh are noobships and i avoid them in my calculations :3 . At last 5 days i saw Napoc only 2 times, when rattles were most of the time. It's still strange because Bhaalgorn looks better in practice than Napoc. RNI have serious problems with Rage Torpedo Velocity and practical DPS. Navy Battleships shouldn't be accepted until Pirate Battleship are much better and its only few days to get them from Navy ones. CCP promised us rebalance of Navy BS. WHERE IS IT?!
  20. Standard Rattlesnake - Alternative

    I saw them. Still for me better on Standard and Improved is to take Gecko, Faction TP and Loading Bay Accelerator, than buy that expensive T2 drone speed rig. Gecko have lower skill requirements compared to T2 Ogres with similar DPS. Gecko is like 2x Ogre II boosted with 2x OTL II and 2x DNC II (or 3x T2 drone speed rigs). Just imagine how much time ogres lost to reach and miss their targets during fight Drones do 50% of Rattlesnake DPS. Gecko on Rattlesnake is like F1 bolid with scoped Gauss rifle (Gallente cruiser DPS and EHP) That drone rig need extra CPU. Faction TP is nice missile and fleet DPS buff. I found that 2x BCS II, 2x DDA II and 1x C3-A BCS is better DPS composition for Standard. Still 3x C3-X BCS, 1x Faction BCS and 1x Faction DDA is the best option. Drone Composition should be 1-2x Gecko and 3-5x Ogre II for Standard. Then 2x Gecko and 3x "Augmented" Ogre. Logical progression should be even better: DPS rig will be the same. Drones will be similar. TP and 2x DNC will be basic utility modules. 4th and 5th utility slot will be for OTL. TP as his main fleet support module on every fitting stage. High potential drone DPS from start with Gecko. Rattlesnake is 2nd the most popular DPS ship in fleet. He haven't nice sources of DPS, but that can be easy improved by up to 5 utility modules. If Standard Vindi need Faction Stasis Webifier, then Standard Rattlesnake should have Gecko and Faction TP?
  21. Standard Rattlesnake - Alternative

    Ok. After couple of days i found some improvements. Take minimum 1 Gecko. Rattle is dedicated ship to use your personal "Vigilant". You must have that to improve your drone DPS vs NPCs! (it should be required on Rattlesnake) The best option is 2 Geckos against NPCs and 3 "Augmented" Ogres against Towers. T2 or Faction Target Painter is Holy Grail of your utility modules for fleet members. Take it! Faction of course! Large Bay Loading Accelerator II is the best rig for Gecko build. WOW! Rattlesnake have up to 5 utility slots. Primary should be: Target Painter Drone Navigation Computer Another Drone Navigation Computer Omnidirectional Tracking Link Another Omnidirectional Tracking Link Omnidirectional Tracking Links should have loaded Tracking Speed Scripts. Last utility module on your ship will be replaced into Large Shield Extender* during Influence mode . Don't forget, that Vindicator will be better choose as DPS ship (unitil VVV know what to do ). *or another Adaptive Invulnerability Field, if you use all 5 utility slots.
  22. Don't forget that Multiifrequency have lower DPS than Conflagration. It will be even bigger difference between them and Void/Null. Extra support ships reduce number of slots for DPS ships. It's another drop of fleet DPS. ArmaNI compared to Bhaalgorn have extra ~200 (12%) Total DPS without medium range webs. Both of them should have 4 Heats Sinks and 2 DDA for extra drone damage. I calculated many alternatives years ago. Until VVV doing his job well, there is nothing what can beat current doctrine The closest alternative to Vindis what i found are other blaster battleships (Hyperion, Dominixes, Megathrons) and Torpedo Rattlesnake. After them are Cruise Rattlesnake, ArmaNI and AC Machariel. Most of pulse laser ships will be worse than Rattlesnake with pilot, who's know how to use switch target missile tactic. Only ArmaNI have potential Total DPS like Cruise Rattlesnake. I used per long time Dual MGC Torpedo Rattle, but in practice: Rage Torpedoes are slow (~2300 m/s). VVV can't do positioning mistakes to use them vs NPCs. They are usable mostly on Tower Bashing (2182 Total DPS) Caldari Navy Torpedoes are better vs NPCs than Rage on close range (1979 Total DPS), but they are expensive and still slow (~2700 m/s). Javelins are main ammo vs NPCs (1730 DPS and ~4100 m/s). Gecko and "Augmented" Ogres even with 2 DNC need time to reach targets. When Gecko is nice to kill NPCs, then "Augmented" Ogres are better on tower bashing and close range NPC waves. HHHs are lazy b**** Per 50% of time drones do nothing Better is to control them manually. Because VVVs make many mistakes and i can't use Rage or CN Torpedoes so often, then Cruise Rattlesnake is better option with 1887 Total DPS. Fury Cruise Missiles are better to kill NPCs than Javelin Torpedoes and allow me to kill even sniper targets. I don't waste time to switch missile's type, because i have only one type of ammo in cargo. Extra OTCs increase drone tracking speed. Still it's ~500 Total DPS less than Void Vindi, but it is similar to Null Vindi like ArmaNI. Compare to ArmaNI: Rattle haven't instant DPS source above 7km (target is hit instantly by missiles, if range to him is lower than missile Maximum Velocity) better drones missiles can miss killed target and dealt 0 damage need minimum 10 sec to reload magazines one type of ammo (even for lasers switch ammo is lost of minimum 2 sec - game mechanic) can reach targets with max Total DPS to 85km, when ArmaNI only to 18 km missiles have less problems with hit fast and small/medium enemies well played haven't capacitor problems the best survivability extra shield resistances allow him to make cheaper fits with similar Total DPS All DPS are without turret overheating.
  23. ArmaNI dominate between 30-60km. Blasters are better at 0-15km. Between 15-30km DPS is similar, but blasters have 2x better tracking. Current tactics allow us to kill all DPS targets under 30km with Vindis. If Vindis can kill mnimum 51% DPS targets under 15km and rest DPS targets under 30km, then Vindi/Snipers mix will be better. ArmaNI have advantage over Vindi/Sniper mix , if they can't do that. Still AmraNI should be able to: kill all DPS targets under 30km kill Sniper targets under 60km with maintaining fire during movement Even with that they still can't be better on tower bashing with lack of 10k fleet DPS.
  24. Incursion Leshak

    By Math: Leshak: Occult L - 27km - 1054->2635 DPS Mystic L - 67,6 km - 760->1899 DPS spool up time is 102 sec Occult L need ~1 min 40 sec to dealt similar damage as Void Vindicator in time. Occult L need ~40 sec to dealt similar damage as Null Vindicator in time. Mystic L need ~1 min 10 sec to dealt similar damage as IN Multifrequency L Nightmare in time. Mystic L need ~40 sec to dealt similar damage as IN Xray L Nightmare in time. As Sniper he will be worse than Nightmare, As DPS he will be worse than Vindicator, To bash towers he will be better than Vindicator.