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  1. Returing player questions

    Thank you very much for your answer.
  2. Returing player questions

    Hello, I'm a returning player (I consider myself a new bro again beacause I have't played Eve for 5 years) and I have some questions so please bear with me. 1) Are you still running Incursions on a daily basis? 2) What starter Battleship should I work towards fitting, Hyperion or Tempest? (5 year ago I had a Vindicator and I was running incursions on a daily basis but I forgot almost everything) 3) For how long am i allowed to run Incursions with you using an starter Battleship? 4) After a few runs using a starter Battleship it's mandatory to upgrade to an optimal one asap? 5) I deleted my old character Roland Raine, sold everything and kept the ISK beacuse I wanted to start anew. After I will have the skills and a starter Batteship fitted (I dont pan to upgrade to Omega yet) can I make a new post here for somebody to help me reintegrate into Incursions? Thank very much for your patience reading this. Have a nice evening and I hope we'll meet in Incursions.
  3. Alpha newbro seeks some help

    Thank you very much for the replay ! I still have some things to configure from Warp To Me Rookie Guide and i still need ISK to buy a Hyperion but it's manageable and i'll start training for it right away. Thank you very much again. Have a nice day and fly safe !
  4. Alpha newbro seeks some help

    Hello everyone, my name is Roland Raine and i'm a Gallente alpha pilot. I came across you guys on eve guides on internet, and i want to be able to run Incursions with you. I joined Warp To Me chat in-game, but atm i still have to farm more ISK and train skills to be able to be entry good. I saw on recommended ships that i need Rokh, Hyperion, Maelstrom or Apocalypse. My question is which ship should i start training skills for? And is ok if i joined the in-game chat even if i don't participate in Incursions yet? After i have everything i need to be entry level, who should i speak with to join Incursions? Thank you very much, Have a nice day !