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  1. TCRC ganks

    The moment the AAA lands he will probably get scrammed by the Sansha since besides having the scrams at the gate sites are also preloaded, its a 50-50 chance at best so this will probably not work. also scramming frigs are not on grid at first but at a very close range waiting to warp in the moment the gate is activated. There are ways to deal with it and a guide should be made. I ll try to write down a few things, that might work however best practice is to avoid that site for a while.
  2. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Fly? I don't think i m flying. I use something that is supposedly an Internet spaceship but performs pretty much like a submarine. On a more serious note i like the atmosphere in WTM and it fits me well since i honestly enjoy to spend my time in game relaxing from RL issues and not to add more drama in my life. (Funny thing is that when i FC some ppl tell me i am too business like with a touch of a drill sergeant ) P.S. don't die when i m charge of the fleet i hate paperwork and i avoid doing it.