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  1. Basi Fits

    the member of your logi squad does not have all the same skills as I do. There are only two possibilities: a) have a set cap delta and they fit for the cap delta and they fit for it -> standard fits doesn't make sense b) have standard fits and never ask for cap delta again I have proper skills but ignorance like the FC is telling you that you are not cap stable while flying stable resolve nothing. Ignorance cause failure. if you think it is important to have a cap delta throw away those badly fitted default ships.
  2. Basi Fits

    please decide what you want 1. Delta < 64.8 OR 2. you're approved fits
  3. Basi Fits

    Mask Ruford > o7 Teramond > MOIN Mask Ruford > <url=fitting:11985:2048;1:3841;1:1541;1:31366;1:16487;2:2281;1:19215;1:31796;1:3608;4:12058;1:2301;1:23711;5:28668;1337::>Basilisk</url> get this and x-up pls Mask Ruford > your fit needs changes Mask Ruford > <url=fitting:11985:2048;1:3841;1:1541;1:31366;1:16487;2:2281;1:19215;1:31796;1:3608;4:12058;1:2301;1:23711;5:28668;1337::>Basilisk</url> and you need to be able to fly this minimum Teramond > this fit has a delta for 69.1 Teramond > this fit is not wtm prooved Mask Ruford > fit i posted is WTM approved Teramond > check it please in basi chat Mask Ruford > if your delta is higher. get some skills up Teramond > lol Teramond > i have 53 mio Teramond > i am from 2005 Teramond > what do not have have new guys exspecially not Mask Ruford > <url=joinChannel:player_-50305822//None//None>Warpto Logi</url> Teramond > what i ... Mask Ruford > check that channel Mask Ruford > and find the fit in it Mask Ruford > i poseted the standard fit here Mask Ruford > *posted Teramond > minumim 69.1 Teramond > optimum 67.1 Teramond > what the issue is with your fitts Mask Ruford > what's your doubt? Teramond > i have all skills at 5 except of Teramond > <url=showinfo:3423>Capacitor Emission Systems</url> Teramond > i have 4 Mask Ruford > get some cap implants Mask Ruford > that helps Teramond > with all at 5 and this not at 5 all your fitts are WAY over 64.9 Mask Ruford > our fits are not Teramond > to have my skill setup you need years Mask Ruford > good for you buddy Teramond > plz Teramond > when i have 69.4 Mask Ruford > nonetheless this is our standard fit <url=fitting:11985:2048;1:3841;1:1541;1:31366;1:16487;2:2281;1:19215;1:31796;1:3608;4:12058;1:2301;1:23711;5:28668;1337::>Basilisk</url> Teramond > all the other guys have more tha taht which are new Mask Ruford > and this is our optimal one <url=fitting:11985:2048;1:31366;1:16487;2:28744;1:41199;1:31952;1:19282;1:31796;1:3608;4:12058;1:19231;1:28201;5:29011;1:28668;1337::>Basilisk</url> Teramond > break your own rules Mask Ruford > so if you want to fly with us get into one of those fits and x-up Mask Ruford > ?