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  1. DPS Anchor Points

    Awesome, not sure how I missed that.
  2. DPS Anchor Points

    Hello, DPS Newb question. I have now run a number of sites and I am hooked but I have been having a problem with positioning. Once I land on grid I anchor on my VVV but I don’t have a feel for where the anchor (and I) need to be. I was wondering if there is a reference guide available that I can use to help me out.
  3. New Guy Question - Start and End of an Incursion

    Awesome, thank you for the replies
  4. I would like to start running Incursions but I don’t always have the free time for an extended session. To maximize my pew pew I was wondering if WTM generally tries to start/end an incursion on a certain day of the week. I understand there would be serval factors impacting these times but I wondering if there is a trend so I don’t waste time slow boating my ship over on a Friday night only to find that the group wraps the event Saturday morning.
  5. Hello, I am an Alpha Clone that is new to Incursions. I can fly either the Hyperion or Rokh but I was wondering which would be more valuable to the group. I was thinking the Rokh for the better range and resists to make up for my lesser skills thinking the DPS loss wouldn’t make a big difference.