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  1. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    I reported this issue to CCP by the recommendation. The issue id is EBR-153449.
  2. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    Bruce-san, Thank you for your fast fix. It was shown in English after clear the cache and cookies. For Japanese people, Please clear the cache and cookies, and re-open the fitting page for the importing. ブラウザのキャッシュとクッキーを削除した後、フィッティングページを開き直すと英語で表示されるようになります。 これでEVEやpyfaにインポート出来るようになります。
  3. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    Thanks Kimina for your fast reply. I can guess the engine behavior. However most Japanese people use the language priority setting in most browsers are the following. 1. Japanese 2. English 3. Others If we change English to higher priority, we get problem for many other sites. Maybe, this is not easy problem. I hope to fix it if you can.
  4. Thank you for the official WTM fitting page with Japanese modules names. However the fit with Japanese mods can't import to EVE or pyfa. Very unfortunately, EVE stopped Japanese localization. Please change the modules names to English from Japanese. Regards, Yararezon.