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  1. Lost badges D:

    Im badgeless aswell -.- Never used the teamspeak account thingy
  2. Suggestion

    it's not the whole fleet it's certain people also the one that cannot use PRESS TO TALK for real are annoying AF, But I do enjoy flying WTM especially when Super hoover, Fiona and Ergon are around. Thanks <3
  3. Suggestion

    Ahh ok so it's not like Mumble :(?
  4. Suggestion

    Can we have a channel that is completely muted from everyone but FC, It's getting really fucking annoying to hear people talk about random shit that has nothing to do with the fleet. there already enough Orange bubble talking about random shit and it's kinda annoying Took a break for a few weeks because I couldn't stand it anymore, Some FC asks for clear coms some others don't care. and I respect that but yeah that channel would be great. Thanks you.
  5. Warptome Banned?

    Thanks, Sparta appreciated it a lot, I've been sending you guys your way if there any issue with him let me know.
  6. Tip Jar For Logi?

    As a logi pilot I disagree, we don't need a tip jar, not like it's hard to be a logi either. lots of them just sandbag anyway. If you dont want a long skill Q why did you train for logi?