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  1. New Incursion Capsuleer !

    Welcome. Two things... Rep shit, dont die!
  2. Logi School

    I am giving a logi school on Sunday 7/15 at about 2030 eve time. You are most welcome to attend and dont have to be in a logi ship but it helps
  3. Stop Flying Loaded Bowheads Through Niarja.

    If you fly a Bowhead you might find this helpful.... https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/853mxo/about_bumping/ and this... http://eve-gatecheck.space/eve/
  4. Broadcast question

    By broadcasting for shields as soon as you get yellowboxed, even if its only one, allows those of us who fly logi to lock you up as soon as possible. As you start taking damage we will apply reps as needed. The idea is to prevent you from getting alpha'd off the grid. Once you stop taking damage and broadcast in position we may or may not unlock you. As a new guy you will get a quick speech as well as being put on the logi watch list for a few sites until you get the hang of things.
  5. Quick intro!

    Welcome to WTM! Glad to see you are having fun
  6. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    Lose ships in null. Run Incursions to pay for said ships. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Possible additional too;

    When you X up with more than one fit and get the invite how do you know which fit to bring? For the life of me I can not figure that out
  8. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    Prior US Army here
  9. Low sec incursions

    Maybe we could get some guys to test this out? I think it could be safe with scouts posted. Anyone willing to act as a scout gets a small payout from WTM maybe?