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  1. WTM Shop - What should I stock?

    The homepage for the website is now the disclaimer alone, and to view any of the other information people have to click onto another page. This should hopefully help avoid any confusion.
  2. WTM Shop - What should I stock?

    That's a good point! I'll edit it asap. Don't want to cause any issues.
  3. WTM Shop - What should I stock?

    I created a website for it here:
  4. WTM Shop - What should I stock?

    I was mostly just looking for what extra things I should pick up. I know some things aren't standard pickups but I figured I could carry them anyways and any other incursion groups / random people could always buy them. They're already purchased so I don't really have any reason to not bring them, especially crystals since those are so little space. Faction Xray L and Sentry Drones were both listed on recommended fittings for certain ships, though, so I figured I could pick them up and see if they sold. I'll definitely pick up more Faction drones at some point, I'll keep those in mind.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm planning on running a shop that follows WTM around and carries all the stuff that we need a lot of at incursions. Not necessarily modules (sorry, not going to carry large stocks of deadspace modules across space every few days - that's asking for trouble and I don't have the money to stock them ahead of time), but most types of ammo, drones, nanite repair paste, etc. This is all being shipped across super safe routes in an insanely safe ship that's basically impossible to turn a profit on suicide ganking (unless I was to happen to carry around 20b worth of cargo - I'm not planning on ever carrying even a fraction of that, though), so I should be perfectly safe. I was looking for input on what the stock should be - I don't have the money to go super overboard ahead of time, but I wanted to make sure I had enough of what people would need to buy at incursions. Here's a list of the current stock I was aiming to have at the start of the average incursion (and what I currently have purchased and ready to go): Projectiles: 400,000 Quake L 90,000 Republic Fleet EMP L _____ Hybrid: 400,000 Null L 400,000 Void L 50,000 Caldari Navy Antimatter 50,000 Caldari Navy Tungsten 10,000 Javelin L 10,000 Spike L ____ Missiles: 10,000 Mjolnir Fury Cruise Missile 10,000 Mjolnir Javelin Torpedo 10,000 Mjolnir Rage Torpedo\ ____ Scripts: 5x missile precision script 5x missile range script 5x tracking speed script 5x optimal range script ____ Nanite Paste: 3,000 nanite repair paste ____ Crystals: 20x Gleam L 20x Imperial Navy Gamma L 20x Imperial Navy Multifrequency L 20x Imperial Navy Ultraviolet L 20x Imperial Navy Xray L 10x Scorch L 10x Conflagration L 20x Gamma L 20x Infrared L 20x Microwave L 20x Multifrequency L 20x Radio L 20x Standard L 20x Ultraviolet L 20x Xray L ____ Heavy Drones: 2x Gecko (those things are way too expensive for me to stock a lot of) 20x Berserker I 20x Ogre I 20x Ogre II 20x Praetor I 20x Wasp I ____ Medium Drones: 20x Hammerhead I 20x Hammerhead II 35x Infiltrator I (I accidentally bought too many) 20x Valkyrie I 20x Vespa I ____ Light Drones: 20x Hobgoblin I 20x Hobgoblin II 20x Warrior I 20x Warrior II 20x Acolyte I 20x Hornet I ____ Sentry Drones: 10x Garde II ____ Logistic Drones: 20x Light Armor Maintenance Drone I 20x Light Armor Maintenance Drone II 20x Light Hull Maintenance Drone I 20x Light Hull Maintenance Drone II ____ Modules: 10x Damage Control II (for when new players don't fit them - these ones are cheap enough to carry) 10x Large Shield Extender II (for when we're fitting for influence) 10x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II (for when we're fitting for influence) If anyone has suggestions for commonly used items that I haven't stocked, please let me know! Since I'll have to be making restocking runs regularly, I imagine, I'll also be taking personal orders for anyone who wants me to pick them up stuff so they don't have to run back to trade hubs and can just follow WTM from Incursion to Incursion, as long as they don't consist of what I consider to be unsafe cargo (in other words, nothing that would put me close to where suicide ganking me becomes profitable). I'm planning on keeping markup to a minimum, because I don't really care that much if I profit a ton from this. I've already spent a few billion in investments to set up my alt toon to fly it and buy the stock, I doubt I'm getting those costs back ever. However, I do want it to at least be enough where it's worthwhile to keep moving the cargo around as often as incursions change. For members of my corp (which is literally nobody, as of now, because I've never tried to recruit anyone), there is no markup and your items will be the same price as current Jita costs. Personal orders are also free for corp members.