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  1. Color Blind Incursion Pilots

    Yes. I do refer to that panel in the 3rd paragraph.
  2. Perhaps something that Fleet Commanders should be aware of is that there are a few Color Blind (and/or other types of Visually Impaired) people floating around the Incursions communities. I don't really want to go into details of the types/kinds, but I do want to enlighten people as to the difficulties/dangers we "disabled" persons face. Most color blind people are not completely color blind - that condition is very rare. Most color blind people are simply "blind" to specific colors - commonly red/green, green/blue, blue/red. [This might also help other visually impaired pilots.] There is no reason that we should not take part in fleets, or that we can be a danger to fleets. At most we can lose our ship. One of the most common issues is that we often can not see the difference between being yellow boxed and red boxed. So what I do is simply alert the FC or Logi that I am a "newbro" - generally they add me to the watchlist, which can save me from getting my ship popped. There is currently no way for us to change the colors directly (Eve GUI limitations). Most importantly if you get boxed by any NPC ship, broadcast immediately. Do not try to figure out if they are trolling or not. Sometimes they will yellow box you, but never actually fire, but you can not take the chance that they will not do so sometime. So do not broadcast "in position" until they release their locks. This will not inconvenience or affect the Logis much - they can see when you take damage or not, and will cycle their reps to people who need it. Eve GUI/HUD has some issues that are difficult to correct, for example the standard green flashing of an activated module. To make it even worse it uses a white rotating border. On certain system backgrounds we can not see it. The danger is if you get distracted and forget to activate a tanking module. I always use the simulation mode before I enter a site to make sure my tank is online and active. I also generally ask in the chats what the background color of the primary incursion system is. This will give me the correct info to swap the color scheme to get the best color/contrast possible. Simply Google for "best contrast color for <insert background color>". You will get a list, then pick the one that stands out the most, and apply to the colorblind panel in the Game Settings panel (General Settings, bottom right). One more important issue is the Fleet GUI. Every time you change your color scheme, you have to update the broadcast colors. This is one of the limitations of the Eve GUI - it follows the color scheme you selected, and will override the broadcast colors. Especially if you fly Logi or plan to fly one. If you plan to fly Logi, you have to take special care to get your colors setup properly for every incursion space. You can not miss a broadcast, or miss-click a repper and hope it is active. It is important to setup your color schemes beforehand. Depending on your type of trichromacy, and the difficulty in setting up, you might want to rather fly DPS or Sniper in some incursions. Always consider that the safety of the fleet is primary above your greed. Finally, specifically for FC and LC, visually impaired people will not affect your fleet operations, no special actions are required. At most you may have to add an extra person to the watchlist. Suffice to know we are amongst you, and we might broadcast a little more than other people. I have flown all incursion roles, including Logi, since 2011 and very few people knew that I am color blind.
  3. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    I have been around incursions since they started in 2011. I possibly have flown with every community - BTL / TVP / TDF / ISN / DIN / WTM. With my credentials done, I can offer this: Community is Key. It is very dangerous ground when you start pushing players towards bling fleets, and start pushing for ISK/HR. I have seen what this does to communities first hand, and in the history of TVP I was one of the pushers (with Staples) towards this. When you start pushing those ideas, and FC's start only inviting the most experienced and most blingy, it will cause tears (pun intended) in the community. From experience I suggest that leadership and advanced players do things that build the community - be open and welcoming, mentor basic and intermediate level players and train/help newbros where required. Rather consider FUN/HR. That being said, there are methods to improve that I have learned from PVE and PVP fleet ops (WTM may already do some, but I will list them as they come to mind): 1 - One group had a fleet secretary position that managed -1's, invites, and general fleet comp. That allowed the FC to concentrate on running the fleet effectively. Secretaries were normally trainee FC (a good way to train FC). This system reduces downtime between sites, as well as reducing site completion times. One of the key things were that the replacements were already waiting at the next site entry for the main fleet. 2 - One group ran with a Fleet A and Fleet B during peak times. The A fleet were the advanced "bling" group running AS/HQ, and B fleet the new/basic/intermediate players running VG/AS. This way everyone got a chance to play, it provided a training opportunity for players and fleet roles. Obviously this depends on online numbers. 3 - Official Training Officers. This is not something I often see in Incursion groups, but it is very effective in PvP. Basically people that assist with fits, and that takes small groups and teach them the basics. Incursions do have the smaller sites that can be used for this. It builds skill and confidence in runners and junior FC's. 4 - Official Marketing Officers and/or Recruiting Officers. There is so much that can be done with this to get the community known and draw in players. Get a recruiting video playing in stations. Even some good action videos on Youtube will go a long way. 5 - Consider using the smaller incursion sites: Scout and Vanguard. Scout sites still pay out good ISK for newbros, allowing them to use T1/Meta fits on cheaper hulls, while they train the required skills for the minimum AS/HQ fits (it is not that difficult to fit ECCM and spider tank for Scout sites). As above they are excellent training grounds for runners and FC. I see quite often players turned away because they either don't have the skills or the ISK for the minimum fits.