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Warp To Me

Logi Rookie Guide

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Warp To Me Logi Rookie Guide


Welcome to being a Logistics pilot for Warp To Me Incursions! This is a guide for flying Logistics Cruisers (Basilisks and Scimitars) in our fleets. If you haven't already, please read our Rookie Guide.

Joining Fleet

First, you need a ship! Please view our fittings webpage for our current fits for Logistics. Once you have a ship, please read our Rookie Guide or go to our Waitlist Manager to learn how to join our fleet.

Fleet MOTDFleetChatMOTD-min.png

Once you're invited to fleet, take a look at our Fleet MOTD, containing very important information.

Most importantly, note the Basi & Scimi Chat Links. Please join your respective channel, as those are used for communication purposes among your fellow Logi pilots.

The MOTD will contain other bits of information, including Current System, TS3 Information, SRP Information, and the current specialized Fleet Roles.

Of these fleet roles, note your CCC, DDD, Booster, and your FC. Add these people to your watchlist.

  • Orbit the Booster at 10km
  • The CCC manages the cap chain for the Basilisks
  • DDD is the light drone bunny and receives priority remote links in TCRCs.


Logistic Channels

These sections will cover what to expect in your respective Logi channels (Basi chat or Scimi chat). Feel free to read only the section that pertains to you.


This is the chat channel that allows the Basilisk pilots to manage their cap chain to ensure cap stability and fleet safety.

Upon entering this channel please state your logi cruiser level and the amount of remote sensor boosters you have fitted (if any).

Once added to the cap chain you will check to see who you will be capping and who is capping you.

Cap chains are needed to keep Basi pilots stable. You will use one or two of your cap transfers in the chain, depending on who is around you:

  • Logi 5 Pilots need only one incoming cap transfer
    • From the pilot below
  • Logi 4 Pilots need two incoming cap transfers
    • From pilots above & below

BasiChatMOTD-min.pngCap chains are always put in the order of names in the chat channel, and we always cap up to the person above us. If the LC has not had a chance to update the cap chain, use the chat window to determine your up cap.

  • Pilots with a blue number before their name sets one cap transfer on the pilot above.
    • The other cap transfer fulfills cap requests by the fleet, aka "combat cap".
  • Pilots with a red number before their name uses both cap transfers
    • One on the pilot above.
    • One on the pilot below.

A pilot who is above a Logi 4 pilot in the chain needs to cap up and down, not just up.

This list also wraps around. For the pilot at the top of the cap chain, the person at the bottom is 'up'. For the pilot at the bottom of the chain, the person at the top is 'down'.

Using the example image, here are the details.

  • Pilot A is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. He will be capping up to Pilot E (Top to bottom).
  • Pilot B is red and will be capping up and down as he has a Logi 4 pilot below him.
  • Pilot C is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. It doesn't matter that Pilot C is Logi 4.
  • Pilot D is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him.
  • Pilot E is red as he has Pilot A below him, who is Logi 4 (Bottom to top), so Pilot E caps up and down.

After Basi Pilot names in the cap chain, there may be Remote Sensor Booster (ReSeBo) Targets. Most of the time, this will either state DDD or Up.

  • DDD: Set the ReSeBo on the DDD.
  • Up: Set the ReSeBo on the Basi Pilot above.


Scimi Chat MOTD.PNGThis is the chat channel that the scimitars use to manage their Tracking links to ensure they are given out with efficiency.

Upon enter this channel please state the amount of links you have and who you are linking. If you are not linking anyone ask for someone to be assigned to you. Otherwise link with the default priority: 

  1. Drone Bunny 3x links (2x Tracking and 1x Optimal, unless otherwise requested)
  2. HHH (Range)
  3. VVV (Range)
  4. Blasters (Range) starting with Vindicators.
  5. Leshaks (Range)
  6. Any remaining links, double up on Vindicators.

Using the example image, here are the details.

  • Scimi Pilot A has links.
  • Scimi Pilot B has 3 links and is giving them to Pilot 1/2/3.
  • Scimi Pilot C has links and is giving them to Pilot 4/5.
  • Scimi Pilot D has 2 links and is giving both to the DDD.

Watch List

Fleet-WatchList-RAW-min.pngAs a Logi pilot, you should make use of your watch list, as it is a quick reference for locking, orbiting, or watching members. To add members to your watch list, right-click on their name, go to Fleet > Add to Watch List.

You should add the following pilots to your watch list.

Basi Pilots

  • Up Cap
  • Down Cap (if necessary)
  • Booster
  • DDD
  • FC
  • All other Basi Pilots (designate who would get cap if you have to "Cap Around" your up cap))
  • Newbros / Aggro Magnets

Scimi Pilots

  • Pilots you are linking (if necessary)
  • Booster
  • DDD 
  • FC
  • Newbros / Aggro Magnets

Entering Site

Logi ships should try to avoid taking the initial aggro to reduce their risk of death. This means that in general you should be aligned but wait until you see a few battleships in warp before you activate the gate yourself. You do not want to be the only target on an otherwise empty grid with no backup.

Upon entering a site, there are a number of things that you should do. As a general overview:

  1. Orbit the Booster with your Afterburner on (this stays on at all times)
  2. Lock up your Cap buddy (Basi) or Pilot you be linking (Scimi)
  3. Lock up all Shield Broadcasts
  4. Apply staggered reps to pilot taking aggro

Orbit the Booster

Once you land in site, get moving! Right click the Booster in your watch list and select Orbit > 10km. Always ensure you are orbiting the Booster with your Afterburner on. This will ensure that you are in the right spot as the Booster will take you where you need to go, and having the AB on will ensure your speed stays up so you can maintain your speed tank.

Lock up your cap buddy or link buddy

Once you have landed and are have set your orbit around the AAA, lock up your cap buddy and apply cap to set the cap chain (Basi) or lock your Link buddy and give tracking links (Scimi). These tasks need to be done each time you land in a room, and in the case of the Basi, it is imperative to fleet safety that this is done immediately upon landing in room.

history-min.pngLock up all Shield Broadcasts

It is imperative that you lock all shield broadcasts every single time. The broadcasts will appear in the broadcast history window and can be color coded (as shown in the example image). A simple way to lock is hold down your lock hotkey and click on the broadcasts. 

Apply Reps

In normal circumstances, you will lock up the person taking damage and give them 2 shield reppers. Try to stagger your reppers by about a second. This will ensure a steady stream of reps landing on the target. If Target is dropping past 50% shield, apply a third rep and then the Fourth when they drop below 25% shield. Remove the 3rd/4th reps as soon as the target has stabilized. 

Applying more reps than needed will cause you (the logi) to get aggro. 

Be ready to switch the reppers off of one target onto the next once the aggro switches. Always try to have a repper in reserve for this aggro switch. 


Site Details

TPPH - 3 rooms. First room has an Outuni (Neuts). Second Room has low DPS. Third Room has 3 waves. Second wave has High DPS and Deltoles (Paints). Final wave has an Arnons (Jams) and Outunis (Neuts).

Logi Should not be orbiting in the first 2 rooms of TPPH, just burn directly for the Gate. 

NRF - Multiple waves. Relatively low DPS throughout until the final wave. Final wave has 1-3 Outunis and 1-3 Deltoles. Heavy Neuts and Paint with a very hard switch.

Logi Should be prepared for both initial aggro and then the switch at 60s for each wave.

TCRC Very High DPS at the start of the site, including Outunis (Neut) and Deltoles (Paint). The Outuni victim will need cap immediately, and afterwards, Deltole victim will need cap. The Delotes will hard switch onto a new target shortly after the Outunis are killed. Deltole Target Painters are very dangerous when applied to Logi. At the end of the site, Logi stay behind with FC until all other Battleships are off grid and FC will call for Logi to warp.

Additional Logi Tactics

There are times in which everything does not go according to plan. We expect our logi to be able to quickly adjust and correct any such circumstances.

Too Many Targets

There will be times when more people will broadcast than can be locked up at once. If you are out of available locks and a new broadcast appears, unlock pilots who are not taking damage for the new broadcasts. 

Remember that aggro does not carry over between waves, so if all Sansha are killed you may unlock/stop repping everyone.  

No Broadcasts

Pilots will fail to notice they are being shot, we expect out logi to learn to catch/save these pilots even without the broadcast. Practice, watching the direction of the Sansha Lasers, Scram Notifications and your watchlist in order to identify these pilots. Once you find them, Start Locking them and Broadcast/Voice who the pilot is for the other logi. 


Occasionally, more repping power than is available is needed to save a pilot (normally in the case of a late broadcast). When this happens we expect our logi to be able to comfortably overheat in order to reduce their repper cycle time and save the pilot. It is suggested that you set up hotkeys to overheat your modules (default Shift + Module Activation key).

Other modules can be overheated as well. Shield Hardeners to increase Tank, Prop Mod to Increase Speed. 

When you are overheating a module, it will generate heat that damages the overheated module as well as those around it. Be careful not to let modules generate too much heat or they will burn out and become unusable. 

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