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  1. 22 hours ago, Den Talidar said:

    someone call the heartless?

    I was about to leave the thread... Took a swig of my beer... Then it hit me, the name. Like a punch to the face.

    Night Fleets, and shenanigans. HOMFG; YES! Regaining memories is like leveling up I swear! Once you make one connection, all the other connections start to light up. Excellent times, great fleets, and more fun that I aim to have again! I love you guy's, and WTM all together. <3 Seriously, Thank You.


    Pictured, an old screenshot I took.

  2. 20 hours ago, Izumi Uchiya said:

    There's a name I recognize from way back. Not a lot has changed. Logi still keep getting dunked on during the TCRC entries, so that is something to particularly watch for if you are trying to be a next-level logi. Not overrepping and pulling aggro to yourself is also a must. There's 2 guides that cover most of what we ask logi to know today, most of which will be familiar to you:

    Best of luck and welcome back!

    I remember you myself, but I can't remember any details or conversations if there were any. Just idle fleet chat etc. Good to see you anyways!

    As for modern Logi I've noticed, and learned in the thick of it. Got a chance to LC thanks to Mask Ruford; great guy btw. I have read the current guides to bring myself up to date before I even ran; I'd have been an idiot not to. I had a good haul yesterday, even if I was thrown into the fire as on the spot LC. Now I just have to figure out how to apply for resident, and on to LM! This wallet picture doesn't load it all, but I started at 203m. It's good to be back! Now I gotta go buy SP because... Apparently I stupidly pulled out sp from Logi 5. I honestly can't remember doing it, or even why.


    Thanks for the luck, I may need it! :D Be good, or be good at it!

  3. 21 hours ago, Mask Ruford said:

    Thanks for LC'ing today. you did a good job all things considered. hope to see more of you in fleets :)

    I was a bit scared; it's been awhile. Also it was during a few TCRC's. Talk about a split aggro ringer. Thanks for being there!

  4. 6 hours ago, Juan Carlos Minjita said:

    We have a load of new people, but we do the same old things with the same great coms.  Looking forward to seeing you in fleet! 

    Awesome! Thanks for being able to decipher a bit of this odd picture somebody made. I recall it being made mockingly.

    Seems like I'll have to stalk about on TS a bit. As it stands though I just finished doing 12 hours of Logi... zZzZz

  5. Looking for advice, any old friends, and a good time.

    After a hiatus brought on by poverty mixed with a slew of medical conditions; I'm returning. By hiatus I mean I haven't run since 2016, and that's only based on what I can remember. The short of it all is; I had an atrial fibrillation attack, followed by a stroke. Since then I've been plagued with seizures, and neurological problems. I've since (thanks to my wife) gotten things under control, or am being treated. Now on to the good news.

    I'm now on fiber, and have a much newer computer; I used to run on a potato. I'm trying to find anybody who might remember me, or have any connection, etc. It's rather hard considering my forum account doesn't/didn't exist; I'm not sure how/why that happened with that subject. Which is the also a primary reason I'm asking if there was any drastic changes to the forum, accounts, or Teamspeak. I'd like to know if their was anything crucial that I haven't already read in current guide forums, or forum posts.

    As for remembering me... I used to primarily run with a Basi, Scimi, and Windicator (Canyon's Build). I was training to become an LC before I had to step aside. I haven't seen anybody I remember online yet, but that may be related to the medical problems. I've lost a lot of memory, and I'm fitting together what pieces I'm finding. It's hard to remember what you've literally forgotten. If you know anything, or have ever seen me I'd love to hear what ever information you could provide.

    Looking forward I'm primarily focusing on Logistics. I plan to pick back up where I left off pursuing Logistics Command. I hope I see you in fleet, and feel free to harass me even if it's a minor thought on the subject.

    Without Wax, Gehern

    I'm back, stopped because I broke my head, was wondering if anything major changed, and am looking for anything to help remember people.

    Also I'd love to find whomever made this.