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Greetings Incursion Runners!

We know that running to the nearest trade hub (sometimes it is far from the current focus constellation) is sooooo much hustle and can mess with your ISK/hr

Don't worry, Project 4434 got a solution for that!

We are now selling ammunition at every focus.



10,000x Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L - 13,000,000 ISK (13M)
10,000x Null L - 2,000,000 ISK (2M)
10,000x Void L - 2,200,000 ISK (2.2M)

5,000x Republic Fleet EMP L - 6,400,000 ISK (6.4M)

4x Imperial Navy Multifrequency L - 3,600,000 ISK (3.6M)

5x Federation Navy Ogre - 11,400,000 ISK (11.4M)
5x Federation Navy Hammerhead 10,800,000 ISK (10.8M)

50x Nanite Repair Paste - 1,600,000 ISK (1.6M)

more items coming! if you need some, message me and I will have it after downtime (maybe 2-3 hours after downtime)


:: If you need something that I don't have, for now, send Lester Loutte a mail.

:: I am selling it on contracts, you can view it there :) 

:: Prices are based on Jita price + hauling fee. Prices might adjust or change without any notice.


Edited by Lester Loutte

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