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Hi, I'm new to Warp to Me but flew with TVP for over a year. I was in my first fleet yesterday with Imakiwlu (or some variant spelling thereof) and I really enjoyed it. The sites were run quick and the FC was fun and easygoing. Folks were mentioning that he's retiring/being retired soon. I really enjoyed flying with this FC and would like to fly with him some more. Idk if a new guy's opinion has any weight here but for what it's worth, I thought he was a great FC.


Thanks for reading, I've enjoyed my time with WTM so far. o7

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Hey there! 

Thanks for coming out and helping us, really appreciate it! :)

As for Imakiwlu, he really likes to make jokes as im sure you noticed, even when he is FCing.

I believe him saying he is retiring was one of these. :)

So not to worry. Fly safe, see you in fleet! o7

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