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I like what niki did, so I'm going to copy it.

For sale 10% off Jita Sell Value:

Nightmare EM I Burst Aerator II Rigs 

Dominix Navy Issue Th I Drone Speed I Burst Aerator I Rigs

Barghest EM I Loading Bay II Rigs

Bhaalgorn EM I Burst Aerator II Rigs

Pacifier (bling runner) Hyperspace Vel II Low Friction Nozzle II Rigs

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System x4

Dark Blood Cap Power Relay

Dark Blood Heavy Energy Nosferatu x2

Domination 500MN Microwarpdrive

Republic Fleet Target Painter

Sentient Remote Sensor Booster

Shadow Serpentis Remote Tracking Enhancer

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender


I'll update as I want to sell more things or when things get sold. Eve mail or convo me!





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