Incursion Leshak

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10 hours ago, Svarta Madam said:

My 2 cent..,decent Sharks cost waaaaaaaaay above 10bil.., hell..,only my sinks cost as much..!!..and doesn't matter if it is new bro flown or not.., many ppl r willing to bling an incursion ship to the brim..., which actually makes sense.., since incursion fleets is one of the "safest" place to fly a Red/Purple ship in.., also FYI.., i carry a mobile depot and in an imminent TCRC wall.., i swap my TE for 3 x Sentient Signal Amplifiers.., which in combo with Radar Sensor Compensation to 5 AND MWD swap with SeBo will give u abt 150 points Radar Sensor strength..., which will give u the strength to show the finger to the Niarja's..! Also consider using Nomads.., i just love the agility and getting a BS close to 5 sec warp time ain't bad at all.., plus u get the advantage to hunt the freakin' Sanha's down like dogs in an instant..! Oh..,and armor reppers top rule..!.., triple A and logi will love u..,let alone fellow Sharks.., ALWAYS keep them locked (needless to say safety to GREEN..!)

Oh boy..,am i gonna get thrashed for this post or not..!!!

o/ Svarta, long time no see! Anyway I feel Svarta had a tad too much Redbull in his bloodstream and hence the wall of text xD

Personally i will not swap out TE as personal experience I had reduced volley dmg despite pewpewing stationary towers. However niki leshak guide did mentioned swapping mwd for sensor booster for anti jam which is very important for max spooled dps.

Armor reppers in TCRCs are very important for AAA and fellow leshaks. This might determine FC need to do SRP paperwork or not XDXDXD Furthermore  it can help repping damage drones at TPPH tower bash.

Implant wise I'm not sold with the low grade trigs but it could be an option. I will be waiting for the mid-grade to appear first before deciding.

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I think the Leshak is one of the few ships we fly that is so Armor biased that it has to be 'overtanked' ( a no-no under rules & regs normally ) to get away from being an Armor-bot magnet. Obviously launching Armor bots can mess up the agro, so I think it's important that the 110k ehp level be ok.

Swapping out mods? In-site?  Yeah, I'll pass. SRP etc. Plus I can't do that that quickly as a pilot. I'm bad at live swaps, always have been.  Fly in, make the pew-pews, & try not to explode. That's me.

The Leshak reminds me of the Bhaalgorn & Domi Navy for how Armor-biased it is. And the TFI off the top of my head. They have to be slightly over-tanked to avoid Armor-slapping in my experience, so it's worth noting this.  Like AAA in a TCRC if you are too squishy it can get a bit embarrassing. And fatal.

Like a Mach with Standard Drop being used ( I am now Team Varg in the Mach-Varg debate I have to say ) sometimes you just have to have the extra tank.

A Leshak using Standard Drop would be, well, more risk than I would take let's put it that way :D

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