Commander A9

Luminaire Snowball Fight V, 16-DEC, 2100, Luminaire

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Hey, dudes!

I'll be hosting my fifth Luminaire Snowball Fight this year!

Event Details

2100 EVE Time
Luminaire - Battle for Caldari Prime Memorial Citadel

Bring your Festival Launchers, snowballs, and fireworks, and let's enjoy a day of pelting the crap out of each other!

Music will be live-streamed!

We will have a Secret Santa gift exchange event! Contract a "gift" to me directly at the Federation Navy station in Luminaire with "Secret Santa" in the contract description. Everyone who gives a gift gets a gift!

There will be lightshow contests with prizes! Create the best illumination display with lasers, remote-reppers, drones, capacitor transfers, fireworks, and snowballs to win (without getting CONCORDed)!

Any donations will be credited on the forums!

See you all there!

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