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Hi guys, I have an Eve account that has been sporadically active over the years.  I have a bunch of skills but hardly any ISK or real experience, and I don't have a huge amount of time to play each day (maybe a couple hours at most).  Was wondering if someone could show me the ropes and how I can help out WTM?  I'm finding that it's pretty difficult (and boring) doing stuff solo.

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Hey Ewe! Welcome to WTM. Hopping right into a career such as incursioning is definitely overwhelming at first, but hopefully we can help you out here.

You already said you have a bunch of skills, but do you have the right skills? We actually have someone already in the process of writing a skill guide for all the newbies just like you (Edit: That guide has been released!). For now, we'll take a look at the official fittings website for a good place to start: what you'll be flying.

Already, you're presented with a good list of rules. Feel free to read through them to understand what ship you need to fly, and come back with any questions. You can then browse through these fits, and if you click on these fits from within the in-game browser, it'll open up the fitting window right there, showing what you can and cannot fit. Pick one, and train for it.

Beyond that, there are definitely a good set of skills to make sure you're trained up in. I'm a bit rusty on the exact list, but stuff like shield management, various fitting skills (ends in "upgrades", like shield upgrades, weapon upgrades, etc.), capacitor skills, and definitely some gunnery skills that increase your overall effectiveness.

Once you're sitting in your fully fitted ship, you're ready to fly incursions. Here's the rookie guide, which is an excellent guide in setting up all of your settings and how to join fleet. The only real difference here is that you would be using the waitlist manager, which can be found in the WTM Chat's MotD. There, it provides fairly simple instructions for "x-ing up", which is just saying "hey I wanna fly incursions and would love a fleet invite when you have a spot!"

At that point, the FC will take a look at your fit, approve it (or chat with you on how to fix it if he/she has a problem with it), and will send a fleet invite your way once the fleet has an open spot. Once you are invited to fleet, say in fleet chat or comms, "Hey I'm new here!" and the FC will then make sure that you're all squared away and ready to shoot stuff and make isk.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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