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Hey Logibros,

I've been experimenting with a proactive Cap Transfer to reduce cap calls in NRF and TPPH sites, this should not be worried about in a TCRC.  So far it seems to be very successful, at keeping the fleet moving, and I'd like to get feedback from others on their experiences with it.

The process is pretty simple: LC assigns as equal a distribution of DPS ships as possible to each basi pilot in fleet.  If there are 10 DPS and 4 basi's, assign 3 dps to 2 basi's, and 2 DPS to the last 2 Basi's. The LC should always take a lesser number if there is one as he has other responsibilities. The Basi pilots add those DPS ships to their watch list at the very bottom.  When no outuni are present on grid lock one of the DPS ships, cap 3-4 cycles, then unlock that one and lock the next one on your list, and rotate through.

Explanation of Purpose: First, reduce fleet need to call for cap, increasing efficiency. Second, how often do you see someone request cap just seconds before an Outuni spawn?  If that person pulls the Outuni aggro how much does their risk increase because of their already low capacitor?  If they don't pull the aggro, then how much of their DPS can they apply to the Outuni extending the duration the Outuni is on grid?  Third, how often do we see 3 or 4 broadcasts for cap at the same time or within seconds of each other?  If one of those broadcasts gets missed DPS drops and fleet slows down.

Before people try to defend the standard way, I too occasionally don't feel like this is necessary. If you're the LC ask your basi's if they're willing to do this in Basi chat, if they aren't skip over them, if they are balance the DPS with them as much as possible.  The added advantage of this is often you can catch a switch much faster because you can see it on the watch list as it happens.  I know a lot of people say they don't want to be slaves to poor cap skills, but remember this is a new bro community a lot of new players pushed skills hard to get into the minimum fits to be able to join fleets.

Final Note: All cap requests take precedence over this as it is just a method of reducing the flood of demand.

Just a thought I've been exploring and thought I would share it with you guys.

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Yeah well i dont mind this, honestly proactivity is always good.
Basis should be always proactively capping.
With that said, there are other ways to being pro active (for example always prio the hypes and rokhs, or the good vindies you watch burning out like madmen to far away targets, like they are supposed to etcetc.).

But like Niles already said: we are newbro community.
So expect ppl needing cap, thats actually unusual. For example Maelstorms/Rattles in a TPPH, or honestly any really newbro pilots with bad skills in a TPPH.
Other typical example is : when a Nightmare doesnt know they are supposed to cap chain with each other , or just can not actually find a cap buddy even if they are trying.

And yes. Outuni targets are always 1st on your list, combatcap users, please keep it in mind.

In any case. Proactivity is always good. Be it collective, or individual. Just be smart about it.

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I will cap people even if they didn't ask,  esp if i notice their speed is up indicating prop mod.  Quite often they get snarky in comms for receiving without broadcasting.  

I also try this with people that frequently broadcast for cap. 

Other than randomly hitting rokhs, hyperions, and spamming. ..what would be an order to spread it around as an individual? 

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I'll chip in on this. When flying basi, i'll keep note of the top 3-4 cap broadcasters and begin pro-actively cycling 3 cap squirts between them until an explicit broadcast happens.

I don't do this in a TCRC though. CC is reserved for those who need it immediately.

If you're somewhat comfortable with the role of basi, you definitely should be pro-capping. every moment your CC is idle is wasted imo.

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