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Drop those drones! (Drone guide)

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Drop those drones!




Does anyone really need a guide about drones? Don't you just drop them, give them to the DDD and be done with it? There is actually a lot more behind it and I am going to explain why. Drones are a very important organ of the fleet and can help the fleet out a lot. The DDD might only focus on Frigates, but they are an important part to the Sansha. They web, scram and do quite a lot of damage, when all on one target. If you want to know more about being a DDD, you can read all about in this DDD guide.


1. Types of drones


We always want you to carry any form or type of drones. If you are in a battleship you will typically be bringing mediums or heavies. If you are a logistics ships, a flight of light drones and some armor/hull bots are a good choice.


  • Light Scout Drones
    Most Logi have bandwidth for a flight of these, and some battleships with small bandwidth, like the Paladin. Send these to the DDDs as they are the only drones that can really apply on frigates well enough. In TCRC sites you want to keep these in your bay, as they will likely grab aggro from the MTAC response squad of Sansha.


  • Medium Scout Drones
    A very effective drone to use, those Hammerheads are pretty powerful. Some ships can field 5 of those and are a good combination between speed and damage. Perfect for ships with only 50mb bandwidth, otherwise Heavy drones are better for battleships.


  • Heavy Attack Drones
    A drone anyone should have at least one or more of in their cargo. This drone is one of the most damaging and these really help with towers. It's best to get a couple of these, so you can launch as many as your ship can handle, so you deal the most damage, next to your guns.


  • Gecko
    These expensive awesome Geckos are very powerful, but usually take up a lot of bandwidth, 50 Mbit/sec for just one drone. Two of these are the best to use on a tower, other than that, I wouldn't really field them. The only drone that generally does more damage is the 'Augmented' Ogres. (Don't leave these ones behind! Over 100mil a pop!)


  • Maintenance Bots
    These drones are also very helpful to the fleet. These drones are only used on Logistics ships. Battleships still only use combat drones. Some battleships have extra drone bay space for a couple of these, but they are not often needed. There are two types of maintenance bots your should bring. You either bring Armor or Hull drones. DON'T BRING SHIELD DRONES! You can remote repair other people for shield, so they are useless.


2. Drone Settings and tips



This is what every battleship should do, please adjust your settings to the WTM standards and follow these tips will greatly help WTM with future fleets.

  • Watchlist
    Whenever you are in a fleet with WTM, it's best to add the either HHH/DDD AND the VVV to the watchlist. This is because when you have to assign your drones, your drone bunny might be full, he can only have 50 drones. If they get full you can send your drones to the VVV who acts as the overflow.
  • Drone Settings
    Always have your drone settings set up like the picture below, passive and focus fire. Passive means that they will not attack all the targets you aggress, but only those who the assisted pilot aggresses and focus fire means that the drones will all attack one target and not spread out.
  • Don't bring only light drones
    Battleships should bring heavy drones to maximize their drone dps as bandwidth allows.
  • Logi drones
    Logi can use either armor/hull bots or damage drones (5x Acolytes are preferred)
  • Put ONLY light drones on the DDD
  • Put medium and heavy drones on the HHH
  • HHH or DDD Full?
    There is always the VVV to put some drones on, please do that if both the DDD and HHH are full.
  • Catching up with the fleet?
    Don't drop your drones on the beacon, they are slower than you are. Get anchored up first, then drop your drones and assign.
  • TCRC Rules
    In TCRC sites you want to hold onto your drones till you reach the tower, and only drop medium and heavy drones, as light drones tend to pop very easily.


Edited by Malcolm Galora
cleanup, removed the what drones to bring section. just look at the fitting website.

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