Saturday's DC, drones not reimbursed by CCP

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As some of you may know there was a massive DC on Saturday night. I lost my Vindicator, 2 Geckos, and two 'Integrated' Hammerheads. 

FC (or someone speaking with equivalent authority) at the time said CCP would reimburse my ship, and they did, and FC warned they may not reimburse drones, and if that ended up being true, to get the drones reimbursed from SRP, which I did pay that night. 

To whom do I speak with about that drone reimbursement?

Thank you for your time,

Haulee Shore

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I would send a mail to Sparta Epic Cyno, with the standard SRP info (kill mail, SRP stamp) and mention that you need your drones to be SRP'd.

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