Typhoon Fleet Issue Torpedo/Heavy Drones

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I know the typhoon isn't quite popular in incursions, but I was playing around trying to get the best out of it and figured the best way was to combine drones and torps. Do you guys think it could be a nice alternative option for Minmatar racials? 

Combined torpedos with heavy drones it hits for 1600 dps, has 100k EHP, over 70% resist all over the board. That's about 400 more true dps than the Raven Navy Issue and also it's alpha friendly. Can also carry twice as more drones and the signature isn't much different about -10 mm.


Tech II (Omega)


Tech I (Alpha friendly)


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1 hour ago, niki lasvegas said:

Typhoon Fleet was allowed some times ago. WTM decided to remove it from the list. There are probably no intentions to bring it back.

I've seen similar fits in russian fleets and they seem to work fine. I can see an incentive to use them for versatility if caldari racial spec isn't an option for alpha players.

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