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HHH (Heavy DDD)

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HHH (Heavy Drone Bunny)


More and more FCs are implementing these into WTM fleets, but these aren't really necessary, that's why you don't always see them, as a standard. If there is a Heavy Drone Bunny, you do need to know what to, so here is some information on that. 


1. What does an HHH do exactly?


The main reason to have a HHH is, when the DDD is full, have Heavy and Medium drones appointed to a person that applies their DPS better. Yes, the VVV can be seen as the HHH, but the VVV is still just firing upon normal targets, that otherwise the fleet would kill anyway. The purpose of an HHH is to apply a high amount of Medium and Heavy drone DPS onto Romis. The best way to apply this DPS is to targets that are not shot at by the whole fleet, such as Romis. Romis are a perfect target for Medium and Heavy drones. One less person shooting the main targets is not a huge loss and that person can focus on killing the Romis. For example, there would be no Romis left (or just maybe 1 or 2) at the end of a TPPH or it would speed up NRF site times.


If you are appointed the HHH of the fleet, you should be shooting Romis, those are next in line after the frigates.


2. What ships can be an HHH?


Any ship really, even missiles ships. Damage projection at Romis is way easier, because they are cruisers. For missiles that means they are much easier to hit and still get a decent amount of DPS done. 

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