350MM Rokh©™®

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 It's no secret that I am a fan of effectively applied DPS and there are few ships,(if any) that are capable of rivaling the raw destructive power that the 350MM Rokh can unleash on the battlefield. This being an undeniable fact, it is with great delight and baited breath that I reveal the "Eve's first True Superpower©" BEHOLD *MASSIVE Kilometer  LONG CURTIN FALLS. I GIVE YOU THE  350MMROKH.

"THIS KING OF THE BATTLEFIELD™" Offers the most robust weapon system mounted on the 1 of the most feared ships this side of the void. Combining the raw destructive power that the 350MM RAIL Gun in conjunction with the implementation of PIRATE FACTION *The crowd GASP. magnetic field stabilizers and supplemental tracking computers allow the pilot an unmatched sense of control and accuracy previously unheard of. The meticulously crafted Rokh supports a full complement of propulsion Including Standard warp, Afterburner, Microwarp, and, Microredacteddrive. Sorry folks some things have to be left to the ever so imaginative occipital processor. And finally what do-gooding pilot would be complete without a drone or 2 so we have thrown in custom made Caldari navy Wardens. 

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