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HHH guide

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HHH Guide

What does the HHH do?

As HHH, the fleet will assign their medium and heavy drones to you. The best way to apply the damage of these drones is to shoot DPS targets that aren’t shot by the rest of fleet. This way, the drones can spend more time shooting something and less time burning between targets.

Kill Priority:
- Uitra Telen
- Vylade Dien
- Untagged Romi
- DPS Targets in Reverse Tag Order

The trigger to spawn the next wave in the last room is the last tagged Ostingele Tectum (typically 9 or Z). This Tag must be the last to die and the drones must be aggressed on it before it dies to prevent aggro on a drone in the next wave.
During a contest, you may be asked, or even expected to burn out and web down Outunis to prevent them from reaching the fleet. You will web down both Outunis and shoot them for the remainder of the site, or until FC tells you otherwise. If the site is not being contested you act as a normal DPS pilot.


Edited by Malcolm Galora
HHH to web Outunis in TCRCs
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