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HHH guide

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HHH Guide

What does the HHH do?

As HHH, the fleet will assign their medium and heavy drones to you. The best way to apply the damage of these drones is to shoot DPS targets that aren’t shot by the rest of fleet. This way, the drones can spend more time shooting something and less time burning between targets. Although the Vindicator is the best ship for this job because you have webs, good tracking, and high damage, in practice any DPS ship can do this job adequately.


If the FC asks you to do something different, listen to FC instead of this guide.


True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH):

  • First room: Last tagged Osti

  • Second room: Romis (final two tags)

  • Third room, First wave: Romis (sometimes they are tagged, depending on the FC).


If you are still shooting a Romi when the next wave spawns, the Sansha will shoot at the drones! Most FC’s will remind you of this, but even if they don’t, you still need to remember to switch. Drone aggro is both annoying and dangerous, because when the drones die the aggro tends to split, making the Logi’s job much more difficult. Even if not all of the Romis are dead, it’s better to switch to the Osti and finish the job later.

  • Third room, Second wave: Shoot untagged Romis, then Romi’s in reverse order. Before the wave ends, switch to last tagged Osti (same as last wave)

  • Third room, Third (final) wave: Tag 2 Outuni (tag 1 usually dies quickly enough), then Vylade, then finish off the Romis.


Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF)

  • First wave: Uitra, Then Romis in reverse order

  • Second wave: Uitra, then Romis in reverse order

  • Third wave: Vylade, then Romis in reverse order

  • Fourth (final) wave: Tag 2 (either Outuni or Vylade), then untagged Romis, then DPS tags in reverse order


True Creations Research Center (TCRC)

Just do regular DPS things! Nothing special here :)

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