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Cadre Arareb

Star Wars (Possible Spoilers)

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I know its not a game, but I am bored.

I was wondering if all my Star Warrior friends would want to rank the star wars movies in order of worst to best in their opinion and explain why.

My list: 


VII. The Force Awakens - Basically ANH remastered. 

II. Attack of the Clones - I personally think they just could of done a better job. Probs to adding hate and stuff to Anakin, but overall the story seemed rushed. Great fight scene though. (Will give props to my 3rd favorite score)

I. The Phantom Menace - Yes, I know Jar Jar.. I don't care about that. My only real issue with this movie is the movie is childish. Comedy is added for some reason, and honestly the only good parts were saying goodbye to Shmi and the battle and fight scenes, also probs for Maul. 

IV. A New Hope -What? 4th worst? Thats not even half way.. Yeah. ANH is awesome and all, but as a younger member of society, I feel the movie is almost.. slow. The music score isn't all that good, (Yes I know Mr. Lucas was on a budget with this movie)

2.5? The Clone Wars - This movie is actually really good. Yes the score is terrible, and its aimed towards kids, but it brings in Ahsoka, which adds more depth to Anakin's story. Heck, before this movie. His only real attachment was his mother and padme. 

VI. Return of the Jedi - Okay. This movie has my 2nd favorite score of all star wars, its the death of Anakin, the advancement of Luke to Jedi Knight status (Can't be a master till you successfully train a padawan to knight status) Great graphics, great story. The Teddy bears sucked but oh well. Only thing I would of done differently is to create a NON planet killing weapon. Death Star II? Really? What next.. a big sphere to blow up multiple in one sho... oh wait.. VII.

V. Empire Strikes back -  The Empire wins. Finally.. I love bad guy win movies. Change of pace from the traditional movie style. the incest was a bit much though.

3.99 - Rogue One - Ok. Awesome graphics. Okay Score. added background to the death star, and the silly weakness added to the death star.. plus. Who doesn't love themselves some big booms?

VIII - I had issues with this movie. The score was, in my mind one of the worst. Just nothing that really spoke to me. (Thank disney) but the action was there. A change to the story that I don't think the majority of people were expecting. My only issue was the silly death at the end. 

III - I know.. its a prequel.. so sue me. Action. Hate. Evil winning. Best score of all of Star wars. You can feel anakins hate and confusion in the music. Best fight scene, I know CGI to high heaven, but it looked awesome. One of my best memory's was going to see this in 2005 with my father.  It was amazing. It also connected to a film made like 20 years earlier. I think Mr. Lucas did the best with what he could. Is it fool proof? No. You can see several CGI errors, the clones look more fake.


What are your thoughts? Tell me.. honestly.. I'm bored.


If you got confused by my saying Score.. I am talking about Music, not about a rating.  

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Because our slack copies the text of messages into the channel - I would advise AGAINST any spoilers being put in this thread. The "possible spoilers" tag does not protect people that are monitoring that channel. (Failure to comply will probably just result in this thread being locked.)

That being said, I would say probably nothing said so far is a spoiler.

I'm also surprised that you put VIII ahead of all of the original 3. I think probably the discrepancy between you and me is that I thought there was too much action. Like, only Mad Max (which was basically a 2 hour long action scene) beat it out. While there was definitely a story, we didn't really see much of the story. Just a few clips here and there to progress the story and then it's back to the action. But that's probably what a lot of people want.

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I don't really have much of a ranking for them, I thought they were all pretty good. But granted its been a while since I've seen most of them with the exception of VIII. Episode one might be my least favorite, and I really only like II because the clones are pretty cool (I used to watch the Clone Wars TV series back when that was a thing). I'm not super hard to please when it comes to movies tho, so that's probably why I'm not too judgmental enough to rank them. I think III was pretty good and I also have that memory of seeing that movie in theaters with my father when it came out.

Also, hi ya'll!

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