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Newbro to Fleets and Incursions

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Hey, just joined the forums for WTM and I have a couple questions that I'd like to talk to someone 1 on 1 with, or with several people who can answer me.

1st: how much does a Logistics pilot make whilst running incursions? Can if rebuild the investment I put into it in under 30d? (ISK is a mild issue for me, running a little low)

2nd: How invested do I have to be during the incursion times (constantly logged in or sparsely/whenever needed or somewhere in between)?

3rd: Will I get a crash course on how to logistics before I'm dropped into the fray? (I've done logistics one time, for a 4 man gang of 3 Ishtars and a Drake running a 10/10 I think, did just fine save the end where one Ishtar almost took armor damage. Good otherwise.) 


As the title states, I'm a newbro to fleets (done a single pub roam with General Tso's Alliance, Tristans) and I've never done incursions. Largest fleet I've been able to regularly join is a Standing Fleet in Null, or a 5 man fleet in a C3 Wormhole. 


Thanks guys, I look forward to flying with you (if I can). Cheers o7

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I hope I can answer your questions :)

1st: Same as everybody else (unless they get tips too) depending on how fleet goes normally between 100-200 m/hr. So depends how much you invest a basic logi ship (we only take scimitar or basilisk) cost you about 300-400 m isk. So depending on your time you can probably get that back within 30 days.

2nd: Most incursion groups run on public people, means while there is one up (check our motd for that), and there is most of the days one up you can join/leave when ever a fleet is running. (again check motd/waitlist website for fleet status). Theoretically you don't need to be invested at all. Go there when you see fleet is up (don't x up more then 3 jumps out), go on waitlist (there might be some wait time, or not) and join fleet. You can leave at the end of every site (10-20min normally), leaving during a site is possible too if you inform fc and it really needs to be, some times you can't stop real life, but yeah don't do this regularly please.

3rd: We have this Logi Rookie guide

and this more general guide

And some times logi schools :) . When you join fleet the first time, tell the FC too that you are new and this is your first time. So they can go over all the important information with you.

Hope this helps, if there is any further questions feel free to ask them!

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Adding on to Bruce's comment, Logi get the same payout as DPS/Snipers when we finish the site, usually 31.5 million ISK. We run over 100m per hour consistently, faster if we get good site spawns. If possible, ask your FC for a Logi Master to give you a rundown when you join fleet, otherwise the above guides will serve you well. Welcome to logi!

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Thanks for the help guys, if anyone wants to mail me in game (same name as here) and get me started I can join up as early as next Monday. 

Thanks again :)

I think I'm gonna like being a logi bro

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