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Skyler Scar

Updates to WTM Acceptable Ships/Fits

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Good day WTM!

WTM will updating our list of acceptable ships and fits effective after DT 2017.02.13.

Here is what is changing:

-Tractor Beams will be required on all Machariels
-The Loki will no longer be accepted into fleets
-800 Autocannons on any ship will no longer be accepted
-Railguns on any ship will no longer be accepted
-T1 and Integrated DAMAGE drones will no longer be accepted by any ship (does not affect logi drones) Fleet, Navy and T2 Damage drones will be acceptable
-The following ships will no longer be accepted:
   *Navy Megathron
   *Typhoon Fleet Issue
   *Navy Armageddon
   *Scorpion Navy Issue
-The following ships will require T2 Guns/Launchers
   *All Marauders (already the rule)
   *Dominix Navy Issue


These changes are being made to help WTM improve as a community while still being dedicated to helping newbros and running, fun, safe and efficient fleets.

The recommendation: Upgrade from these platforms to one of our optimal ships/fits as soon as possible.

Note: These changes will primarily affect our primary site type, HQs. Assaults and Vanguards may still allow some of these ships and/or weapon systems.

If there are any questions please contact a member of Leadership or an Officer.

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