General Guide to the role of "MTAC" in Warp To Me Fleets   Basic Description and Mechanics (Why should I care?): During one of the Headquarters sites, the True Creations Research Center (TCRC), the Sansha have set up a Sansha Battle Tower that the fleet needs to destroy. Unfortunately, the Sansha have also placed a Shield Transfer Control tower that serves to repair the Sansha Battle Tower far faster than our fleet can damage it. In order to help us combat this, CONCORD supplies us with Soldiers in MTAC suits that when placed in the Shield Transfer Control Tower disrupts the repair of the Battle Tower. These MTACs spawn in the Concord MTAC Factory every 1 minute 30 seconds. Each MTAC transferred to the Shield Transfer Control Tower will halt repairs for 2 minutes. The pilot fulfilling the 'MTAC' role is tasked with shuttling MTACs to the Shield Transfer Control Tower during the site.   Actions (What do I do?): The pilot acting as 'MTAC' should be in a relatively fast ship (Nightmares with MJD are preferred, but Machariels are acceptable) and must have a tractor beam equipped to their ship.   Once the fleet has landed in a TCRC, you will manually select a slow velocity for your ship. The exact number is not important, just something slow. Then align your ship to the Concord MTAC Factory (it will be ahead on your left).  You need to ensure your ship is directly aligned to the Concord MTAC Factory. As soon as you are aligned, you will activate your MJD. Once your jump is complete, create a cargo container by jettisoning something from your cargohold (e.g. a single piece of ammo, or a trade item works well). Be sure not to remove the item that you used to create the can out of the can until the end of the site. As soon as the can has been created, you will lock it up and activate your Tractor Beam on it. It is very important not to accidentally shoot this can (you can do this even with a Green safety, since it is your can). In order to prevent the accidental destruction of the can, lock up something that can safely be shot at, such as the Sansha Battle Tower, and put that structure first in your lock list instead of the can. Do not start shooting the tower or assigning your drones to the tower until after you have dropped the first MTAC, this will ensure you do not take unnecessary agro.   Read if you don't have a Micro Jump Drive:   Once you have reached the Concord MTAC Factory and begun tractoring your can, open the Concord MTAC factory, inside which you will find a Concord MTAC. This MTAC must be dragged from the Factory inventory and directly into the cargo container. Bear in mind that you must be within 2500m of both your can and the MTAC factory to move the MTAC into the can. Once the MTAC has been placed in the can, approach the Shield Transfer Control Tower. For the first drop, it is good to pulse your prop mod one cycle to quickly reach the Shield tower. As soon as you are within range (2500m) of the Shield Transfer Control Tower and your can, open the tower up and drag the MTAC from your cargo container into the tower.   As soon as you drop the MTAC into the Shield Transfer Control tower, turn around and approach the Concord MTAC Factory again. If your ship goes less than 200m/s without the prop mod on, then you will need to activate your prop mod for a single cycle each way in order to complete the lap in time.  Once at the MTAC Factory, open it and wait for a new MTAC to spawn. As soon as a new MTAC appears in the Factory, drag it into your can and head back to the Shield Transfer Control tower. Again, as soon as you are in range of the Shield Transfer Control Tower and your can, drop the second MTAC from your can into the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Do not get confused, as you will also see all of the MTACs that you have dropped in previously, though you can no longer access them; it is very important to ensure the new MTAC gets dropped into the Shield Transfer Control Tower each time you bring a new one over.    Repeat the process of flying back and forth, picking up and dropping off MTACs until the Sansha Battle Tower is killed. Remember you only have 2 minutes per lap, which is more than enough time if you work efficiently. If the tower starts repairing, you must hurry to drop the latest MTAC into the Shield Transfer Control Tower as quickly as possible to stop the repairs. It is important to continue dropping MTACs even if the Battle Tower is very close to dying, to prevent the Battle Tower from repairing itself at the last second and forcing the fleet to start over.   Once the Sansha’s Battle Tower is destroyed, it is important that you activate your prop mod for one cycle and manually burn away from the structures to prevent yourself from bumping into them during the align and being unable to warp. Your FC may tell you to warp off grid as soon as the Battle Tower is killed to avoid this, even while the rest of fleet is still clearing scrams. Be sure to listen for FC instructions.   Additional methods (How else can I do it?):               Stop Watch: If you so choose, you can use a stop watch to be sure you are dropping the MTACs into the tower in time. Simply start the timer each time you drop the Concord MTAC into the Shield Transfer Control Tower and be sure to drop another before 2 minutes has passed. This is not required because simply picking up an MTAC and immediately going to drop it will keep you safely within the window, but can be used to give you an idea how fast you are moving. Do not try to stretch the limit of 2 minutes before dropping, to avoid timing mistakes and tower reps.   Picker and Dropper: It is also possible to do the MTAC role with two people if both have tractor beams. One (normally the faster ship) will act as the "Picker" and will burn towards the MTAC factory and grab the MTAC into a can like normal. However, instead of then flying over to drop it, another pilot (the "Dropper"), will sit next to the Shield Transfer Control Tower and tractor beam the can to themselves and drop the MTAC into the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Once the MTAC is dropped, the Dropper stops tractoring the can and the Picker tractors it back to themself at the MTAC factory and puts another MTAC into the can for the Dropper to pull, and the sequence repeats.