Fimsemand Orlenard

Hey ya'll new guy here :)

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Hey ya'll i'm all new to this community and also to eve online i've been flying with ya sometime now but i've never proper interduced myself ingame my name is Fimsemand Orlenard but IRL my name is Peder im 26 years old and living in denmark with my future wife (getting marryed next year ).

To be hornest i'm abit shy and thats why i dont speak on TS when in fleet even i do have a mic but if ya wanna talk chat or something to get to know me don't hessitate to contact me i do not eat anyone to begin with :P.

i fly Logi Scimitar :)

no idea what else to tell ya else that i have 3 cats and 3 Aquariums 1 huge 1 medium and 1 small :)

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forgot something :)

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