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Booster Changes

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Booster Changes Guide
What you need to know when flying with us after 15 November 2016

What’s happening?

CCP is changing the booster system so that boosting ships (which provide significant buffs to our fleet) must be in the incursion site. In the past, we have placed these ships somewhere random in the system to keep them safe. These boosts provide significant benefits to shield, armor, speed, signature, and web range, all of which are important to running a safe and effective fleet.

What’s being done about it?

Warp to Me Incursions has established a plan for bringing booster ships on grid. While this increases the risk of loss of boosting capabilities, Warp to Me Incursions already has emergency procedures to handle a loss of boost capability in the middle of a site. All Fleet Commanders and Logistics Masters are trained and required to prove their ability to handle this emergency procedure as part of their promotion to Full Commander. As such, we have a safe and effective plan to continue running incursion sites with these new changes.

What do I need to know?

As a line pilot, mostly you can continue to do what you’ve been doing all along. You should not notice a significant difference, though you may notice Fleet Commanders issuing instructions slightly differently. Continue to follow FC instructions and everything will be as much fun and as efficient as it has always been. There are, however, some important points to know:

  • Asking for Gate Status – It is important that you are on the gate and ready to activate it at the moment you are told the gate is green. The validity of a “gate is green” call will be a matter of seconds, and the FC will expect you to land on-grid at a certain time so that you can get boosts. If you ask for gate status before you arrive at the gate and then land on-grid a minute later, you are going to miss a boost cycle and will not be eligible for SRP for that duration. This has not changed but it has become even more dangerous than it was before to ask for gate status prematurely.
  • Squad Commanders – In general, squad command positions will be held by Warp to Me Commanders from now on. Please do not take this position on your own, even if it remains empty. However, if you are asked to hold one of these positions, the FC will ask you to add all squad members to your watchlist and report if they are present on gate at each site. Please respond accordingly.
  • Anchoring – Anchor positions have not changed. Battleships are still required to anchor at 5k. It is more critical now than ever that you anchor when requested by the FC. Failing to be at your anchor on-time can result in you missing boosts which can make you ineligible for SRP. Be sure to immediately anchor when you are directed to by the FC.
  • Flying a Booster Ship – At present, booster ships will be restricted to Warp to Me Commanders only. If you would like to help fly one, feel free to apply to be a Fleet Commander or Logistics Master.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact a commander.

Edited by Kimina Tanai
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