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Logi Commander Guide

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The LC, or "Logistics Commander" is responsible for setting the cap chain for the basis and keeping track of free combat caps for the FC.


LC’s Duties are:

  • Set Up and Update Cap Chain

  • Assign Remote Sensor Booster Targets

  • Inform FC about the number of Combat Caps


Setting up the cap chain is straightforward. You transcribe the names from basi chat in the same order they are on the right of the chat window. Then put the Logi level to the left of each pilot's name. Every Logi 4 pilot needs a red number next to the person above them. If the logi 4 is at the top of the list, the person at the bottom is red. All other numbers are blue.




Every level 4 needs a red number above them.




In the example Abrahm is a level 4 pilot. So Tywin Maulerant is the red number above Abrahm. This is because the pilot at the top of the list is the down cap for the pilot at the bottom, and the pilot at the bottom is the up cap for the pilot at the top.


At some point the cap chain may break down for some reason. Whether it’s because a basi died in the middle of a site, they DC’d, or is being jammed for a prolonged period of time. Whatever the reason, the fix is the same.

Step 1) Don’t Panic

Step 2) Find the person who is unstable: this can be done by doing a stability check in Basi chat. Write a line like "==========Stabity Check=============". The basis will type ‘s’ for stable or ‘-s’ for not stable.

Step 3) Fix the issue- they are either unstable because their up cap is gone or they are an Logi 4 pilot who is now missing a down cap.

Step 4) If all else fails have the whole chain send 1 cap up 1 cap down while the issue is resolved until a new chain can be made.

If at any point in the process of sorting out the cap chain issues you have a pilot not responding to you, feel free to call them out on comms to check basi chat.

If a basi is jammed have person below them put their combat cap on the jammed pilot's up cap. If a basi is neuted by anything other than outunis, have their cap buddy put their combat cap on them as well as the on already being used for the cap chain.

The LC also needs to be able to tell the FC how many combat caps the fleet has. This is as simple as counting the number of pilots sending a single cap to the chain. You can count either the ‘5’s or you can count the Blue numbers; both options work.


Finally, the LC needs to assign remote sensor boosters to targets. The first priority is the DDD. After the DDD has sufficient remote sensor boosters, the rest of them go to the chain. A Loki DDD should get 1 remote sensor booster, battleships should get 2.




In this picture you can see the words “DDD” to the right of the name of each member in the basi chain. This is the remote sensor booster target. You’ll notice that 2 of the names have “DDD”, the other remote sensor boosters say “UP”. This is because the LC has determined that 2 remote sensor boosters should go to the DDD and the rest stay in the basi chain.


If possible, you should choose to have BLUE names put their sensor booster on the DDD (that is, pilots with combat caps). This helps minimize the number of locks required by default, freeing up more locks for reps.


While LC there are a few ways you communicate with other logi. For the most part, Basi Chat should be your primary means of communication, following that, there is Fleet chat for non-emergency issues, and if you cant fix the issue on either of those, call out on coms.


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