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Roland Raine

Returing player questions

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Hello, I'm a returning player (I consider myself a new bro again beacause I have't played Eve for 5 years) and I have some questions so please bear with me.

1) Are you still running Incursions on a daily basis?

2) What starter Battleship should I work towards fitting, Hyperion or Tempest? (5 year ago I had a Vindicator and I was running incursions on a daily basis but I forgot almost everything)

3) For how long am i allowed to run Incursions with you using an starter Battleship?

4) After a few runs using a starter Battleship it's mandatory to upgrade to an optimal one asap?

5) I deleted my old character Roland Raine, sold everything and kept the ISK beacuse I wanted to start anew. After I will have the skills and a starter Batteship fitted (I dont pan to upgrade to Omega yet) can I make a new post here for somebody to help me reintegrate into Incursions?


Thank very much for your patience reading this. Have a nice evening and I hope we'll meet in Incursions.

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Posted (edited)

1. Generally, yes. The number of fleets per day is fewer because we have fewer players overall. And the recent CCP chat calamity has kinda put the brakes on fleets for a moment -- it turns out that it is very hard to run a fleet without fleet chat (whodathunkit?!)

2. Any of the three starter battleships would be appropriate for you (they're all DPS boats). If the skills for the weapon system were a factor (not for you) then I'd recommend the Hyperion since it is hybrids like the Vindicator for which you're aiming.

3. The upgrade points are:
a. Intermediate or Optimal Hull 20 hrs. That means we want you in a Vindicator (an optimal hull) at that point.
b. Tech II guns + Deadspace (X-type) MWD + Faction Damage Mods at 65 hrs
c. Optimal Fits on either an Intermediate or Optimal Hull at 80 hrs. See fits page for optimal fits.

4. See above. Get out of the starter hull by 20 hrs.

5. Most of that communication would be via in-game or Discord messages.

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